Christian Prayers Free Online Collection

Our Prayer Collection hosts many free prayers, and the amount is growing daily. We have compiled many of our prayers into this one site, with prayers for Catholics and other Christians of all types. In today's virtual world, you don't need a regular prayer book, so come to this online prayer book page to get started and find all the prayers you need for any occasion.

The Prayers

Classic and Traditional Prayers Act of Contrition  |  Actus Contritionis  |  Act of Hope  |  Actus Spei  |  Apostles Creed  |  Ave Maria |  Come Holy Spirit Come |  Gloria Patri  |  Glory Be  |  Hail Mary |  Memorare |  Memorare in Latin  |  Our Father |  Pater Noster  |  Saint Michael Prayer  |  Symbolum Apostolorum  |  Act of Love |  A Prayer To the Holy Spirit |  A Prayer for Generosity  |  Prayer of Humble Access Anima Christi |  Prayer of St. Francis

Education and Sports Related Prayer for School  |  Prayer for School Children  |  Prayer for Teachers  |  Prayer Before A Test  |  Graduation Prayer  |  Prayer for A New School Year  |  Prayer for a Sporting Event  |  Prayer for Schools, Colleges, and Universities  |  Prayer for Knowledge and Strength  |  Prayer for Musicians  |  More Teacher and Education Prayers

Church Year Holy Week Prayer  |  Palm Sunday Prayer  |  Maundy Thursday Prayer  |  Good Friday Prayer  |  Holy Saturday Prayer  |  Easter Prayer to the Risen Christ  |  Holy Cross Day Prayer

Other Holidays And Seasons Prayer For A New Year  |  Memorial Day Prayer |  July Fourth (American Independence Day) Prayer  |  Labor Day Prayer  |  Autumn Harvest Prayer  |  Anniversary of 9-11 Prayer  |  Prayer For "Respect Life Month"  |  Halloween Prayer

People and Events Prayer for Employment  |  Prayer for Veterans  |  Prayer for the Unemployed  |  Prayer For A Child's Birthday  |  Prayer for Protection When Traveling |  Prayer for the Sick |  Meeting Opening Prayer  |  Meeting Closing Prayer  |  Prayer for Pope Francis  |  Good Night Prayer  |  Prayer For Abundance

Pets and Animals Prayer for A Cat  |  Prayer for A Dog  |  Prayer for A Lost Pet  |  Prayer for A Pet  |  Prayer For Animals And Their Masters  |  More Pet Prayers

Meals Prayer for Meals  |  Christmas Dinner Prayer  |  Prayer for Easter Dinner  |  Prayer for a Wedding Dinner  |  Prayer for a Birthday Dinner 

Various Prayers Prayer For Inner Peace  |  Prayer for Stress  |  Prayer for the Day  |  Prayer for A New Pope  |  Prayer for Care of the Environment 

Saints Check Them Out Here: Saint Day Prayers!

Prayer Information What Is What is Prayer  |  God Where Are You?  |  How to Pray More


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