Prayer For Sporting Event

Almighty Father, we ask that your wisdom comes over the referees for our game, so that they may have clarity of thought and discernment when making the calls. Please help them to judge wisely and fairly so that we can have a fair game, win or lose. Strengthen their concentration so that they have a laser-like focus all during the game and can see what they need to see. Amen.

Dear Lord, you have blessed our team with many gifts and talents. We thank you especially for the ability to participate in sports today together, as a team. Help us all to play in a Christ-like manner. Help us to play in a way that fosters goodwill, teamwork and makes great memories for us to cherish the rest of our lives. Help us to play to the best of our abilities. Win or lose, we hope to have fun, make friends and celebrate life. Amen.

All-knowing Savior, the training and rigor is not fun. It is tough and I am not enjoying it. Help me heart to fully realize that the training will yield bountiful fruit. Strengthen my weak hands and feeble knees. Make my path straight and give me the perseverance and grace to complete my training with all my effort and with a good attitude. Amen.

All-powerful Lord, help me to play the game with all my energy and strength. Help me keep my sense of humor during the stress of the game, and the grace to follow the rules. Settle my temper so that I treat everyone with courtesy. Fill me with endurance to keep going with all my energy all the way to the end of the game. Amen.

Dear God, thank you for giving me life and my athletic abilities. Help me to play well, to use my talents to the fullest. Help me to use them as gifts from you. Be with me when I need to play hurt, when I have to deal with the pain of injury, disappointment or losing. Most of all, help me never to quit in my efforts to be open to you. For I believe your full coming into my life is the way to real life, in all I do. I believe it is the way of my becoming the truly human person you destined me to be. Amen.

Heavenly Father, you promised that you would not abandon me. I have a really tough game today, and I am nervous. Our opponents are very good, and we need to win this game. Help the team work well and communicate with each other. Help us hit our mark and not make mistakes. Calm or minds so we can think clearly and play our best. Amen.

O God, you gave us bodies
as well as minds and hearts
with which to praise and worship you.

Our sports and exercises are a fitting use of gifts
and talents you have given us.

Bless our workouts and the games we play,
and those with whom we exercise or compete.

Give us strength, endurance, courage
and agility as we compete or train.

Keep us safe and healthy as we celebrate
our physical and mental skills in sport.

God our Father,
You have created us
to strive for the best.
Grant to all athletes, coaches, and fans,
strength to pursue excellence
during this event.
We pray for the safety of these athletes;
Protect them from injury and harm.
And finally, we pray for your grace,
that you would provide us
with the endurance to pursue our heavenly prize:
eternal life in Your Son. Amen