Prayers for comfort and hope


Since 2004 we have been here to assist you in finding the prayers you need. May these prayers give you peace and joy in the mercy and grace of God.

The public prayer of the Catholic Church is often referred to as liturgy, which comes from the Greek word meaning "work of the people." It is called this because the people come together to offer their sacrifices of thanksgiving and praise to God, together, in communion. Catholics are expected to gather every week for Mass, and on every holy day of obligation. In Liturgy everyone speaks as one united voice, and many of the prayers used are very ancient and have been revered for generations.

Some of the most popular types of prayer relate to the Church year. This is why there are many prayers related to the Church seasons, such as Christmas and Lent. Another popular prayer is the Our Father Prayer, also known as the Lord's Prayer. This is the prayer that Jesus himself gave us when his disciples asked him how to pray. The Lord's prayer has been the most popular prayer throughout history, since not only is it recited during Mass, but it is also used daily by many Christians.

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