Prayer For Sports Banquet

Lord, You have watched them grow in our care, to develop and flourish and to find their own way. Bless them today as they go into this sporting event. May they seek to be the best they can be and push themselves to new excellence. Come guard their hearts, their minds and their souls with the gentleness of your grace, that they might be humble in victory and gracious in defeat. In the name of Jesus we pray. Amen.

Dear God, Please take this moment in my life and use me to give you glory and praise. Take my passion for this sport, may it light up with your love. Take the hours of training and my commitment to excellence. Please use it to bring joy and inspiration to others. Take my desire to be the best in sport I can be. May you speak your truth and hope through me. In Jesus name, Amen.

Dear Heavenly Father, We come together to honor our football team and cheerleaders. I ask that you bless each one and thank you for their service. Take care of each and every one present tonight and may we live in a way that honors you. In your wonderful name we pray.


Lord, thank you for the privilege of coaching this team and seeing them grow in their skills, confidence and potential. I ask for your guiding love, hope and strength to be with each of them. May they give of their best, compete as one and succeed in every way. We ask for your blessing to rest on our team now.


Dear Lord God,

Thank you for all the gifts you have given us. Help us to enter into this event with love, wisdom and strength in our hearts. We pray that we would look to you in awe and worship. May we put into practice all that we have learnt in our training, and bring to mind all the skills and planning from our preparation times. May each of us be aware of your goodness in our lives, and may this goodness pour out of us as a witness to your endless grace. You Lord are our inspiration, our teacher and our protector.

Our trust is in you today and always.


Dear God,

Thank you for the joy of sports, for the challenge of becoming stronger and fitter.
Please help me to embrace this event, and to release all the training, commitment and skills that I have. Lord, you are my inspiration and companion, and I worship you.


O God, you gave us bodies
as well as minds and hearts
with which to praise and worship you.

Our sports and exercises are a fitting use of gifts
and talents you have given us.

Bless our workouts and the games we play,
and those with whom we exercise or compete.

Give us strength, endurance, courage
and agility as we compete or train.

Keep us safe and healthy as we celebrate
our physical and mental skills in sport.

We gather tonight to reflect upon the talents you have given us and that we have enjoyed through our sports program. We ask you to continue to bless our principle, teachers, coaches, and all our family and friends as they guide us in developing these talents.

Help us lord to remember that it is our responsibility to use the divine gifts you have given us. Teach us what it means to be real winners in your eyes

Real winners have learned to always do their best.

Real winners have learned not to quit.

Real winners have learned not to blame others.

Real winners have respect for their friends, their coaches, and themselves

Real winners have learned that God is the one who gave them their abilities.