Come Holy Spirit Come

A Classic Prayer to the Holy Spirit

"Come Holy Spirit, Come" is a classic and well-known hymn and prayer based on a medieval Latin prayer. It may be used anytime that you want guidance from the Holy Spirit, and it is especially appropriate for Pentecost.

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Come, thou Holy Spirit, come:

And from thy celestial home send thy light and brilliancy.

Come, thou father of the poor, come who givest all our store, come the soul's true radiancy.

Come, of comforters the best, of the soul the sweetest guest, sweetly and refreshingly.

Come, in labor rest most sweet, shade and coolness in the heat, comfort in adversity.

Thou who art the Light most blest, come fulfill their inmost breast, who believe most faithfully.

For without thy Godhead's dower, man hath nothing in his power, save to work iniquity.

What is filthy make thou pure, what is wounded work its cure, water what is parched and dry.

Gently bend the stubborn will, warm to life the heart that's chill, guide who goeth erringly.

Fill thy faithful who adore, and confess thee evermore, with thy sevenfold mystery.

Here thy grace and virtue send, grant salvation in the end, and in heaven felicity.


Latin Hymn, 13th century


Updated 8-29-2018