Prayer For Opening Meeting

Father God in heaven, I ask You to fill us with Your Spirit and give us the courage to speak in the meeting if we have reason to and that the meeting would be in the best interests of everyone involved. The decisions we make can make huge impacts and so give us Your wisdom that is from above and not lean on our own human understanding. Open our minds to the ideas of others and open our ears to hear the words of others and to make fair assessments of what others might say and to treat with dignity and respect, everyone who is present. We want to be godly in our actions with one another and this means we should be slow to speak and quick to listen and value the opinions of others, so with regards to this, I pray for Your help and in the mighty name of Jesus Christ I pray, amen.

Today, we come to you Lord with bent knees

We pray that you bless this meeting and the people gathered here today.

May you enlighten each one of us, so we can contribute our expertise, knowledge and ideas positively.

May we plan goals that lead to the glory of your name, and for the benefit of all concerned.

Allow us to see YOU in all of the people around us, so we can be harbingers of peace and love.

We pray that you would bless all our plans that we could successfully bring them to fruition.

May you shower your blessings too on people left in our homes, and keep them safe from harm.

We pray for all people in the world as well.

May everyone find peace and love in their hearts and spread these to everyone around them.

Let this meeting be a gathering of peacemakers for the good of society.

All these we ask in Your Mighty Name,


Lord of Day and Night
Of beginnings and endings
As we prepare to conclude this meeting,
We once again lift up our hearts to You,
The Divine Source of All Life.
We thank you for the gifts that have been present
Within this act of service to the community.
For the gifts of fellowship and understanding,
Of mutual respect and shared vision,
We are grateful
For the gifts of perserverance
And insight into the common concerns we share,
For these and all other graces, we are thankful.
As You have blessed our coming together,
Now bless our departure and journeys homeward.
May Your blessing be upon us,
In the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Lord God of Holiness,
You have called us to be the servants of Your servants-
Our brothers and sisters in the parish.
We meet here as their representitives,
And so we ask for the Grace of Your Guidance.
Help us to truly represent them
And not simply ourselves.
May the true needs of our parish
And the common good of all be our concern.
And above all, may Your Will in these matters become our Will.
Help us who serve in leadership
Remember that all of our concerns are aimed at
The spiritual transformation of our parish community.
May the material aspects we discuss
Not blind us to the primary work of our parish:/
The holiness of all its members
May the Holy Spirit
Who inspired the Pentacost meeting of the apostles,
Visit us and grant us the light of Divine Wisdom.
We ask this through our Lord, Jesus Christ,
Who lives and reigns with You and the Holy Spriit,
Forever and ever.

May we not be so absorbed in our tasks that we forget those we serve
students, staff and parents. May the way in which we carry out of work
enhance their experience of our school. May it be a place of peace, charity
and understanding.
Lord, as the ground and goal for all that we do we ask you to bless us, our
families and our work.

DearGod, Wecome today to bow our heads and open this meeting in prayer. Weask that you would bless our speaker (speakers) and that you would bless our time togethertoday. Maywe grasp those things that you want us to understand. Mayour hearts always be ready to respond to you and your wisdom. Wepray these things in Jesus' name, Amen

Almighty God, You are our Creator and our Sustainer. You are our Light and our Fortress. You are our Wisdom and our Strength. We ask for your guiding hand to lead us through this meeting. May we approach our tasks with wisdom, and may we approach our members with respect. May our conduct create an environment of cooperation and kindness. Thank you for helping us to accomplish our work this day. We ask these things in your powerful name, Amen

Lord, thank you for allowing us to gather here today for this meeting.

We thank you for all the blessings and happiness you have bestowed on us.

We thank you for your generosity and all-abounding love.

We pray that you send your Holy Spirit to guide us in this undertaking.

May your Divine Guidance help us decide correctly on vital things.

May we decide about things based on your command.

Let us be reminded that all things we do should be according to your Will.