Prayer For Opening School Year

Loving God, for all of us this is a time of transition. It is transition
from the work and leisure of summer back to the classroom.
It is transition from time spent with family and friends.
Give us patience with ourselves as we transition as well as
patience with one another.

Faithful God, this beginning is totally new for some among us.
Turn the sadness of leaving families to openness to new friends
and opportunities. Turn the anxiety about academics to a quiet confidence in the way
you have blessed us in the past.
Give us a new perspective to see persons, events, and academic work as an
invitation to develop the many gifts you have given us to be used in service for others.

Lord Jesus, we ask for Your help as we begin this new school year. Allow us to
experience Your presence in the many blessings You put before us. Open our
eyes to the new challenges and exciting opportunities that this new school
year brings. Open our heart and minds to new colleagues and new students.
Give us a generous spirit to be enthusiastic with our sharing and the courage
to accept new opportunities. Help us to be attentive to one another and let
us experience Your presence in our new academic year. Jesus, inspire us to do
our best this year!

Loving God, we entrust ourselves to you. Daily guide our minds and hearts
so that we will work for the good of our school community and be a help to
all people. Teach us to be generous in our outlook, courageous in face of
difficulty, and wise in our decisions. We ask this, through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Lord God, In our work as Catholic students and teachers, let us reach out to all, remembering that anonymity is not acceptable for anyone in our communities. May we live our lives so that people recognize you in that wearing the cross would not be incongruous to those who know us. May those in our schools be "pearls" to us, valued for the unique beauty they bring to our communities. Amen

Loving Father: Make us feeling people, who empathize with the many emotions which pervade our buildings each day. May we harness the energy of those feelings and use it in building a learning community of students, faculty, administrators, staff, and parents within the nurturing environment of our schools and homes. Amen

Loving Lord ,I give my child into Your hands today, as they set off on this new journey of discovery on their first day at school. Father, may all go smoothly for them and indeed for all who will be in the class today. I pray that You will undertake for the little things that can so often go wrong or cause little ones problems or worries.

Dear God, Father of heavenly lights, Giver of perfect gifts,

I give my child(ren) to you today and everyday. Keep him/her and his/her schoolmates safe and protected, Father God. I ask that this school year you would use every person, every experience and every lesson to shape him/her into Your image, to grow in his/her fruit of Your spirit. God, grow in his/her heart. Teach him/her to sacrifice like You did, giving up what he/she values for the good of others. Bless the teachers and administrators, God. Keep them safe.

Dear Father God,

Today I pray for Your care and protection throughout the school year. Cover the schools in our area and across the nation with Your covering and protection. I/we pray for vigilance among administrators and teachers as well as security personnel. Lord I/we pray that would-be perpetrators will be turned from their intentions and receive the corrective influences that are needed in their lives. Lord, I/we pray that the school year will be successfully completed without incident. It is so. In Jesus name I/we pray, Amen.