How to Pray More

Make Prayer a Priority in Your Life

Many Catholics and other Christians wonder how to pray more, i.e., how to make prayer more of a priority in their lives. The answer is pretty simple: follow Saint Paul's advice and "pray without ceasing." Learning how to pray more is learning how to communicate with God any chance you get, to give prayer priority in your life, and to pray as often as is humanly possible.

rosary on a Bible

You can pray anytime during the day, and every act you do for God or your neighbor can be considered a prayer. One way is to pray different prayers at various times through the day. For example, Catholics can pray the sign of the cross, or the Pater Noster. Any time that is appropriate, you can pray any of these prayers.

Catholics and other Christians also have divided the day into "hours," times when the Church traditionally prays. If you want to pray more, following the Liturgy of the Hours is also helpful, since it allows you to pray on a regular schedule.

Praying more is basically a matter of making prayer a priority in your life. If you have time to surf the net, you have time to pray. If you have time listen to music while you drive, you have time to pray during that same time. If you can watch three hours of reality television, you have three hours to pray. If you want to pray a little more, just pause for a moment, and start to pray; in fact, you can do it right now!