Prayer For Prayer Shawl

Loving & generous God, we thank you for the opportunity of sharing in this beautiful ministry. For unique opportunities to work, learn & pray together as we express your love and concern for others. Bless the fellowship we share, the work of our hands and talents to benefit your people. Grant them your comfort, hope and Love. Amen

Loving God, bless these hands. Guide them as only you can.
In my hands you have placed so much responsibility.
Bless each stitch and weave, each movement is yours.
I am your servant. I am a tool at your disposal.
Give me the strength to do right in your name.
Forgive me if I falter, or fall short. You give me comfort and warmth with your word.
Help me to comfort others with these hands, and lead my heart towards grace. Amen

Lord, since You are always in command,
please guide us with Your holy hand.
We are humble, but You are great.
Bless our hands as we create.
As You weave us into sisterhood,
use us to plant eternal good.
As we craft skein after skein,
may our devotion never wane.
As we labor on garments of grace,
hold us in Your loving embrace.

We lift up those who will wear this shawl
and ask Your blessings to cover them all.
Cradle them in hope and healing;
help us know what they are feeling.
May this mantle of prayerful might
comfort them throughout the night.
Bless this symbol of a well-knit soul;
it's Your love that will make them whole.
We finish this shawl with heart-felt prayer
and present it to You with loving care.

In Jesus' Name We Pray,

Hold me up a little longer, Lord, For I am tired.
The day seems endless and I still have hours to go.

Give me the strength to put a smile on my face and to be tolerant.

When the weariness begins to overcome me, put a happy memory in my mind.
Take me back for a brief moment when I found

Help me to find patience and understanding.
Let me show gratitude, as you have asked us to help each other,
and it is my turn to do just that.
Let my touch be gentle and kind - as someday I, too, may be the one needing the care.

When things feel impossible, let me wrap this beautiful shawl, that I was given,
around my shoulders and feel your warm hand of love and understanding.
Let me remember that you will not give me burdens that are too heavy
that WE CANNOT carry together. Amen

Be by my side, Lord and help me over this rough patch in my life.
Let me look for the rainbow that shines after the storm.
Let me remember that the flowers bloom after the rain and the clouds pass by.

God, please bless the person I am caring for.
Let them feel your gift of peace and help them on this journey in their life.
Let their soul feel your love each and every day.

Tonight, when I lay my head on my pillow, please grant me a restful slumber.
Restore my strength, so that I may face the new day refreshed and ready for any
challenge that comes before me. Thank you for being by my side.


When trouble strikes, O God, we are restored by small signs of hope found in ordinary places: friends, random kindness, shared pain and support.

Help us collect them like mustard seeds that can grow into a spreading harvest of well-being.

Those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on eagle's wings. They will run and not grow weary; they will walk and not be faint. ~ Isaiah 40:31 NIV

Bless this prayer shawl, O Lord.

May the person who receives it find comfort, strength, and peace

as he/she is wrapped in this mantle of prayer.

May this person always feel the support of family and friends

and find renewed hope in the assurance

of your comforting presence.

Bless me, Lord. As I knit/crochet this prayer shawl, may you guide my hands

to weave in warmth; may you guide my heart to weave in love; may you guide my mind to weave in comfort; may you guide my spirit to weave in hope.

For in you we place all our faith.