Prayer For Preachers

Dear Loving Father,

We pray for wisdom for every preacher of Your Word. We pray that You will help us to remember that the emphasis in preaching must be on Your Word, not on our word. We pray that we will never forget that we are clay pots who carry Your Word, we are stewards who must give an account of how we handle Your Word, and that we are messengers who speak Your Word. We thank You for Your Men who love You, who love Your Word, and who love Your people. Dear God, please bless all who will preach Your Word on Sunday, that our minds will be full of Your Word and our hearts will be full of love for Your people.

In the Name of our Wonderful Savior we Pray, Amen


May our hearts flutter as we dig deep and discover truths in Your Word that will minister to this day. May our minds be clear as we strive to rightly divide and apply those Truths. May our hands tremble at the solemnity of the realization that it is Your Word we hold before those who hear us. May our cheeks be moist with emotion as we express the urgency of accepting Your Son. May our voice be clear as we proclaim Your grace, mercy, and love. And may our rest be comfortable as we have done our best to do Your Will in our lives and our teaching.

In Jesus Name,


Give us, O God, the courage to do the things we talk about and to
practice the faith we preach. Let us never withdraw into the cloister for
our own safety; but let us be there long enough to find our true center in
Him who will give us strength to keep our eyes on the distant goal and
to navigate as well as we can. Amen.

May God the PREACHER bless you,

entrusting you with the Word

that gives life and hope to a thirsty world.

May your life bear witness to this Word

in you and may your proclamation of this Word

echo in the hearts of all those with whom

you live and work. May even the

stranger know the passion of your commitment.

We lift up their families and call them strengthened and blessed.
We lift up their health to You and call them healed and restored in Jesus Name.
We lift up their finances and call them abundantly provided for!
Anything and everything that sits on the hearts of preachers and missionaries around the world we call provided for in Jesus Name! Amen

We decree and declare that preachers and missionaries around the world are supported with prayers and finances in Jesus Name!

Yes, we decree and declare that You are raising up people like the listener and myself who will be faithful to remember the men, women, and children preachers and missionaries around the world!

That we will respect, pray, and support those You place on our heart.

Help the listener the remember to lift them up to You regularly in Jesus Name!

We believe and receive everything we've prayed and give You glory in advance for this prayer is answered!

In the wonderful and precious Name of Jesus we pray, amen.

Mighty God,

We do not know Father how to navigate these days, but we do know You have already navigated them. We do not know when a vaccine will be found to cure and contain this virus, but we do know that Your Son provided the cure for our sin. We do not know if masks ultimately really protect us, but we do know that Your Word will ultimately protect us from sin if we hide it in our hearts. We do not know if the pattern of flattening the curve or mass herd mentality is best, but we do know the pattern of life provided by Your Son is the best for us to Live. We do not know how we should come back together, but we do know we need to be with Your Family. We do not know who is going to be the next US president, but we do know You are the real Ruler. We do not know what the economy is going to do, but we do know that the cattle on a thousand hills are Yours. We do not know so many whys that haunt and hurt us, but we do trust You. Bless those who teach Your Word as we strive to worry less about those things beyond our ability to know and to trust more in those things we believe to be true. And, thank You for them.

In Jesus Name,


Dear Loving Father,

We praise You for your Greatness toward us. We thank You for allowing us to be vessels through which Your Word is poured forth. We glorify You for your infinite plan that included the examination & proclamation of Truth.

Dear God, we pray for Your men as they stand before Your people on Sunday. We pray that You will give them clarity in their thoughts, peace in their soul, calmness in their mind, love in their heart for those who hear them, humility in their life, understanding of the world around them, and a sense of overwhelming confidence that You are near.

Father may all the words of our mouths and the meditations of our hearts be acceptable in Your sight, O Lord, our Rock and our Redeemer. In the Name of the One who makes all things that we do possible we pray, Amen.