Prayer For Preaching The Word


Thank You so very much for every good tool You have supplied these who preach and teach with to do Your Work. Bless them as they seek to make full use of these. You have given us minds with which to investigate the Truth and form messages, common sense to help understand when You have left things up to us, language to communicate with Your People in our voice, creativity to craft messages to enliven the soul, history as a resource to teach from, experience which can lead to wisdom, the ability to communicate, hearts with which to show empathy to those to whom we preach, but most of all You have given us Your Word as our unchanging anchor. Father, help each to make excellent use of every one of these tools, help these to hone the skills that you the Giver of every good gift has supplied. Help each to multiply Your gifts, give them wisdom to know what they should and should not do. Simply use each of us for Your Glory. Bless them in this time as they are giving so much of themselves.

In Jesus Name, AMEN

Dear God, we are thankful that You know our heart, that You know us better than we know ourselves.

As Your men prepare to proclaim Your Word during these trying times, we ask that You grant us a special measure of Your grace. Father help us to preach what we have prepared in a way that will glorify You and that will encourage those who are hurting. May we be aware of the pain in the lives of those who hear us, even as we are aware of our own pain. Help us to bring Your glorious Word to strengthen the weak and comfort the brokenhearted.

In the Name of our Wonderful Savior we Pray,


I myself need thy support, comfort, strength, holiness,
that I might be a pure channel of thy grace,
and be able to do something for thee;
Give me then refreshment among thy people,
and help me not to treat excellent matter in a defective way,
or bear a broken testimony to so worthy a redeemer,
or be harsh in treating of Christ's death, its design and end,
from lack of warmth and fervency.
And keep me in tune with thee as I do this work. Amen

Father, I ask Your blessing on this presentation. Make this message a balance between You and me. Provide power to this sermon from your unlimited capacity. Give me strength to use my personality to show forth Your power. Help me to realize that this balance can only be achieved if You remain in control of this preaching event. It is only through the life, death and resurrection of Your Son that this sermon is possible. Help me to keep His message my only message. May the name of Jesus be ever on my lips. Through Him I lift up this prayer. Amen.

Heavenly Father, we gather together and come into agreement in the wonderful and powerful Name of Jesus Christ.

Where two or more are gathered there You'll be in the midst of us and anything we agree upon as touching You will surely do. Amen

Father in Jesus Name, there is no distance in the spirit and we thank You for the listener who desires a prayer for preachers and missionaries in other parts of the world. Amen

Dear Heavenly Father, We are grateful for the privilege of preaching Your Word to Your people. Father, we thank You for giving us everything we need to be able to preach and to live a faithful, godly life. We pray for every man who will preach Your Word on Sunday. Help us Dear God, to be faithful in our proclamation of the Word.

Help us to focus our sermons, our hearts, our minds, and our lives on You. Help us to do our best to turn the hearts of those who hear us away from us. Help us to do our best to turn their hearts to You and to our Savior. Help us to show our love and devotion to You in our preaching as well as in our everyday lives.

In the Name of Jesus, we pray, Amen.


Thank You for teaching us to trust. Help us to learn that vital and peace-bringing grace. Help us Father to learn from all the drama that 2020 has unleashed in this transient world this simple lesson: Trust. Thank You for these who preach and teach Your Truths. As they face their own struggles both publicly and privately, both in the congregations they serve and the communities they minister and live in, may they model in words and attitudes that they trust You. And may their hearts find joy and peace in the conviction that You do not change, that Your love is everlasting, that Your Words are cemented, that Your Family is forever, and that their faith is not misplaced. Thank You, our God, for securing our eternal trust. We trust You and therefore know all will ultimately be well.

In Jesus Name,