Prayer For New Babies

Heavenly Father, I thank You for the joy of life a new born baby brings. So right now, we pray for divine strength over new parents. Father, they are not use to sleepless nights and deprived sleep, but in their weakness, I ask that you will be their strength and portion. I declare that Your grace will be sufficient for (parent's names), for Your strength is made perfect in weakness; when they are weak, then they are strong, in Your Name Amen.


You understand what it's like to enter a new world. In Jesus, You Yourself became a baby, helpless and vulnerable, and You navigated this place as human and God in one form. You went from stage to stage in this life, growing and stretching, and somehow, beyond what we can fathom, You became familiar with dying to self, as fully God but also fully man, so we could be made new.

May all the blessing of our Lord touch your life today.
May He send His little angels to protect you on your way.
Such a wee little fit, sent from above.
Someone so precious to cherish and love.
May sunshine and moonbeams dance over your head
As you quietly slumber in your bed.
May good luck be with you wherever you go.
And your blessings outnumber the shamrocks that grow.

God, the first days, even months of a baby's life are very precarious. I pray for peace and health in these days. May this child sleep peacefully and safely with no harm to their life. Everything can be a bit scary for a little baby is so helpless. Help me make the right decisions and find your peace in all of this, but most importantly protect my baby. Thank you God! Amen.

God, I ask that You protect this little life. Grow this baby into the person that reflects Your light and love in the world. I know this child is important, that this child is destined to do great things in Your name. I pray strong protection over this baby's life. Amen.


Thank you for this precious blessing! There seems to be no greater physical gift than this sweet bundle of joy, sent straight from You. Their perfect little fingers and toes, the way they smell like heaven, the love that bubbles up unmatched in its depth. It's a wonderful kind of overwhelmed.

Thank you Lord, for this new life. We praise and thank You for Your good and perfect creation. Amen.

Please bless this baby, Lord. Place a shield of protection around their little body and guard them as they grow. Keep them safe and healthy, Lord. Help this dear one to know they are deeply and wholly and forever loved first by You, and then by so many of us. Bless this baby, Lord, and bless their parents. Help them adjust to their new normal as they welcome a whole new person into their lives, hearts and home. Give them even one whole night of sleep, and give them strength and energy when the nights are short. Blanket their home in peace, grace, and love.

God, please give my baby all that is required for a good way of life and for a good way of living. Please let this child bring joy and pride to me and my family. ... And help me to do my best to guard and protect my baby for his/her lifetime.