Prayer For My Son In Law

I pray that you would prepare a love in him for his future wife and cause this love to drive his actions.
Make him sensitive to Your voice. Make him eager to seek You and to seek the plan You have for his life.

Teach him to lay down his life, for You. That he will one day lay it down for my daughter, and their children. Teach him to lead by following You.

Today, I pray for my son-in-laws.
Father, there is a young man somewhere that I probably have never met. He is playing on a playground, sitting at a dining room table, or throwing rocks into a pond.
To be honest I have no idea what he is doing, what his life (or his face for that matter) looks like, who his family is or what values are being instilled. But I am dedicated to lifting him up to You.

Father I have read all this words and prayers of each mother prayer. We all are facing the same situations Lord teach us to be patience because you know why you have allowed each of us to go through this test for a reason. Thank you our sons still being alive. Protect Jemal and all that comes in contact with him. Lord guide his every move and thoughts. Every decision that he will make, I pray that he comes to You first and wait on Your answer. I decree and declare that he is coming home alive by the end of the year and he would have totally rendered his life completely to You. I pray life is removed from the back of his sentence. Lord speak peace on my heart as well as his. All the parents that are asking for prayer for their incarcerated sons, I stand in agreement with them for deliverance and salvation for their young men who are incarcerated. Father we are thanking You in advance that our prayers are being and have been answered in Your Name Jesus Amen.

May the Lord our God hear our Prayer, and May His Will be done for our children. May He gives us wisdom to know how to pray spesifically for our children and Also for those like them. Can anybody please direct me to the author of this prayer: Father, I come to you in Jesus Name first asking that you would forgive
us of all our sins.

Lord please wrap your arms around my baby boy. Please let the judge and da have grace and a soft heart. Let my son know you are all powerful by making them reduce the charges. Lord Show your power to make him kneel down and recognize you and what you can do. Lord he is a good boy, but has depression and he never should have been drinking. Pray that the judge doesn't see this as intentional. Lord you are mighty and strong and I know your timing is always perfect. I may not like it but I know it's your timing. Lord can you please give him another chance? You know his heart and what it will take to turn things around. Thank you lord for all that you do you are a blessing to our family. You are a blessing to everyone here that is praying to you. Lord just writing this out increased my faith in you. Thank you Jesus for all that you do. Please continue to bless us so that my son can have the chance to bless others as well. In Jesus name, amen.

Lord, Thank You for bring me to this page. I prayer for deliverance, Favor, Hope, Salvation, and Saftey for all the Sons mention, Lord you made them and know all about them. Be with them in this time of trouble! We will be careful to give you the Praise for the others mention, to include my son, Christopher. I pray in Jesus Name, Amen.

I pray that my sons stay close to God and reverence him and desire more of him each day and live to please him.:)