Prayer For My Son In Prison

Lord, I come to you as humbly as I can in asking that You give me strength and for the release of my son that has been away for far too long. My son was put in jail on lies and is looking to You for the strength to get through all this and to get back to his son that he would die for just as You died for our sins. I know Lord You are a forgiving Lord and that You do answer our prayers in the time You think they should be answered. I am praying to you Lord that he is released soon to get back to his loving family. In your precious name I pray Amen.

Lord I ask you to please help my Brandon that is in Jail. Please give him another chance. He is an awesome son. He made wrong decision in choosing his friends. There are people coming against him for their benefit. Please forgive him and guide him to the person you created him to be. Use him for your purpose. He knows and I know that he is meant for more. That his calling in life is waiting for him. Please remove all the distractions that preventing him to fulfill your will Father God. We love your lord and you never left us alone. Please father Show him favor with people around him and that your will be done in his life. I also pray for all the moms like me that are going thru the same situation. Lord please give us your strength and your peace as we know you are in control all along. There is no weapon against our sons that will prosper in the name of Jesus. We love you God you is the glory, we praise your lord Amen

Father.. I lift my son up to you. Please make a way where there seems to be no way. Bring restoration to his life, his children and his wife. He had it all and he has been stripped. I pray a hedge of protection around him..I ask for your favor to cover him. Lord as we walk thru the shadows and dark areas please help us to know you are near. Give us strength and peace to move forward. Place godly men in his life to help his walk with you. This did not come to a surprise to you Lordyou know the end from the beginning. Please work out and turn around what the enemy meant for evil. Make old things new.. make wrongs right. Thank you for hearing me today thank you that you are near to the broken hearted. I pray for all the moms/dads that have a loved one incarcerated. I pray for our incarcerated loved ones. Amen

God I know your will will be done. God as a mom I am hurting but I have faith In you which make my pain barrable. God I ask you to save my Son soul. God if my Son have to spend the rest of his live in Prison please make sure he focus on you. God I ask you to rebuke the devil from his life. God I know you having Faith in you will make this life sentence easier. God although man has made their decision I know you has the last say over his life. God I pray my Son ask for your forgiveness and accept you as his Savior. God although his body is in prison I ask you to renew his mind and bring his mind out prison to keep his sanity. In your Name Lord Jesus I pray Amen

Lord please help me by giving me strength help my son to get out of jail he need you cover him therefore send Angel to watch over him thank I no it already done I have strong faith in you Lord I ask you father God forgive my son because he now not what he have done Lord we need u Lord in put all in your hand it is your battle to fright lord we praises your name God guide my son Lovell shield him with your armour from the enemy from probation office they are the one who keep locking up my son touch him lord give the wisdom,knowledge and understand in Jesus name I pray amen

Thank you father God for all that you do. Thank you for all the supporting mothers that are going through what am going through I thank you in advance what you are doing and have done. My son has court this morning I trust and believe father that you are the Judge in the court and that you place the right DA and attorney for him amen

My son is in prison and I am crushed.
My son is a beautiful human being that has made bad decisions and is now gone away.
Lord I pray to you that you protect him during this journey of his and change his heart.
I love my son more than anything in this world.
I love you, Lord..
Please hear my son's cries of heartache and please guide him.

Father in heaven,
Thank you for family - watch over my loved ones
Thank you for play - help me to be happy and free
Thank you for food and rest - you give us lovely food and peaceful sleep

Thank you for all these wonderful things,