Prayer For My Son In Jail

Thank lord for being with my son in jail and our family Lord you have answered our prayers and I have strong faith in you Lord I know you will walk my son out of jail a new man inside and out in Jesus name Amen

Pray for my son Joshua who has been in jail Lord. He is a good person who made bad choices. I pray for his protection and for only good is directed to him. I know Lord you are watching over him and that he may get out and stay out with the Lord watching over him. Thank you Lord. Praise God

Lord I come to you in this time of need asking you to show mercy on my son ,release,and all the charges dropped!Lord I know you will watch over him and cover him with the blood of Jesus Christ keeping him from all danger!I pray that the judge has a soft heart and drop all chargers against my son.I also pray for the other sons and their mothers.Amen

Lord I ask you to watch over my son in jail and give him the strength to pull through. Please help him get his life in order and to become a changed man. Please give him another chance as I know he's had many. Please lord give me strength to be strong for him. In Jesus name I pray. Amen

I do know God is with my son who's in jail. I don't like what's going on and I want God to have my son out of jail and not go to prison. I'm hurting for my son and I'm afraid for my son. I need God to hear his cries for help as well as minds. That evil sister in my life to be punished for her wrongings.

God I'm praying to you with all my faith. Please continue to protect my son, guide him and give him one more chance to get himself together and out of this situation. He is standing in the need of a Miracle that only you can provide. Make him become the person you made him to be and a free man. Thanking you in advance, giving you glory, honor and the highest praise, Hallelujah!!

Dear Lord, i pray to help me as a mom is painful seen my son in jail but i know god you are here with us and is this is a trial i have to go thru i accepted and i know i will overcome all this because i know god you are taking care of this situation you know my son you created him as you created me and i know you love him and he loves you i thank you for what i don't see is what i have to have patience for i pray that you give strength to my son and myself in JESUS NAME AMEN!

I am praying that my son be delivered from a demonic spirit passed to him from his father which has caused him to get into trouble. He is also very disobedient but God says he has assigned a HUGE angel to him and that I would see a change. Thank you, Jesus