Prayer For Woman

Lord God, teach me to become gracious in whatever situation I may be in. I may not get piles and piles of money but I believe, by your grace, I will be dignified. I am forever grateful for everything that You have given me.

Be with me, Lord, through all my battles. With the intercession of Mary Our Mother. Amen.

Dear Father God, I am just coming to You today because I just want to sit in Your presence, bathe in Your beauty, rest in Your love and to simply to spend time alone with You.

Lord, I do not have any specific prayer to offer to You, except to say that I just want to be with You because I love You. Lord, I just want to flood my mind with the wonder of Who You are and to rejoice in Your glory and grace. Lord, at times I am overwhelmed by Your loving-kindness and tender mercies towards me. I don't understand it but I praise You with all of my heart

At times Lord, I am awestruck to realise that the God of the universe has chosen to take up residence in my frail body and that You want to have a close and personal relationship with me, to walk with me in the cool of the evening and to rest in the arms of each other, simply because You love me. Words are insufficient to convey the wonder of Who You are, and I thank You for being my Saviour and for loving me as You do. In Jesus' name,


Dearest Father Almighty, teach me to only speak words of kindness like how Jesus spoke. Teach me to be nicer to all those who I come across with . Teach me to become more giving to those who are in need. I pray that I be more gentle with my words and actions to be more like Your Son Jesus. Amen.

Lord God, I trust you with all my heart and soul. I believe that you have planned something bigger for me, something that I've always wanted. Bless me, Father, with patience that I may wait eagerly as you continue to unfold what you have planned for me.

May this plan of yours be of help to others. May they also have the same enthusiasm that I have for the plans you have for them. Amen.

Our Father, we believe that you are always with us and your Son Jesus will defend us at all times. We praise and thank You for your loving presence. Thank You, Father, for always being there for us during the times of trouble. You are with us when we are happy and you are still when we are weary.

We pray that you teach us to become like You towards our family and friends. Teach us to be more supportive of them and how to fight for them when evils comes right in their face. Grant us strength, Lord. All these we ask in Jesus your son's name. Amen.

Jesus, we come to You humbled by the struggles many girls face every day. Restore them to trusting relationships and self-confidence. Inspire leaders to create policies that address the causes of sexual exploitation and forced labor.

Dear Lord, as millions of women and girls continue to walk every day to collect water, walk beside them and keep them from harm. We pray for You to bless the work of organizations like World Vision that provide clean water so more women and girls can leave this task behind to lead more productive and meaningful lives.

Heavenly Father, You are good. You delight in us when we honor You in our work. Bring opportunities for employment or business that fulfills parents' desire to make life better for their children. Thank You for organizations that provide small-business loans to women. Bless these ventures so their families can live healthier, more secure lives.