Prayer For Ptsd

Everlasting Father, it breaks my heart to see [name] suffering under the mental anguish of PTSD. Please, Lord, be merciful and grant help and comfort for this wounded soul. May the Holy Spirit work mightily to provide peace and comfort. May the pains of trauma be covered with the healing power of Your gospel. May Your Son intercede and provide salvation and wholeness. Father, may these acts of kindness be done in order to magnify Your holy name. Amen.

God, my Healer, it seems as though my mind has never been the same since the trauma I endured. My own thoughts are disturbing, and I cannot seem to find peace. Please, Jesus, grant me the wisdom to deal with this in a way that honors You. Help me to honor You despite what I've gone through. If it be Your will, take this pain away from me. Grant me mental healing. Let my restored life be a testimony to Your mercy and kindness. Amen.

Eternal One, I ask that You grant me the courage to deal with the difficulties of PTSD. Please grant me a sense of calm and confidence in place of my fear and doubt. Let Your loving embrace supply me with much-needed fortitude in the face of these trials. May Your endless love and holy example be a means of my strength and peace. Please be gracious and help me. Let Your reputation be one of a generous Father who delivers good gifts to those who call on Him in faith. Amen.

Righteous Father, I pray that You would grant me rest. I ask that You ease my anxiety due to PTSD and end my painful thoughts. May Your peace descend from on high and allow me an opportunity for true restfulness. Please be merciful in allowing the blessing of sleep. I pray that it would bring me relief and encouragement about the future of my life. Lord, let Your glory be made known by granting Your healing touch on me. Amen.

Lord Jesus, I turn to You because I know that You understand. You have suffered more than I can imagine. You descended from Your glorious place into humiliation. You took on human flesh and suffered all the way to death at the hands of Your own creatures. By Your own trials, You are able to understand mine. You care for me and show compassion to my PTSD. Please, Lord, grant me Your grace and heal me from my pain. Help me be whole again. Build me up in faith in You. Thank You, my Savior. Amen.

God of All Grace, please hear my cry. My joy seems to have vanished, and I long to feel as I once did before I had PTSD. I live under constant anguish and despair, and it seems as though it will never end. God, I trust in You and ask that You give me a restored attitude of joy. Please bring me the joy of my salvation and grant me freedom from my affliction in this world. I know that You care for me and can help me along my way in life. Amen.

God of Love and Encouragement, I ask that You help in a special way to help me to rekindle my relationship with [name], despite the barriers caused by PTSD. Please restore the trust and comfort that used to happen so freely. May we have lighthearted moments and share good memories again. Help us to have fellowship, and grant that we would encourage each other through faith in Christ. I ask for this mercy because You are a compassionate creator. Amen.

Almighty One, I call to You in the hope that You might intercede on behalf of [name]. God, may their future not be marred completely by PTSD. Please grant some semblance of better days ahead. Please be merciful and let Your Son's gospel be sealed in their heart. Let Your glorious light supply a ray of hope. May You be glorified in supplying a suffering creature with steadfast hope in Christ's salvation. Amen.