Prayer For Purity

Almighty God, I am guilty of sexual sin and embarrassed to admit that. I feel like I can't tell anyone, but I think confession might be what I need in order to be held accountable. God, I pray that You give me the courage to confess my sins to someone I trust, and I ask that You give that person wisdom in how they respond. Jesus, help me create a strong support system that will keep me accountable and help me pursue purity. Amen.

Living God, I ask for guidance as my partner and I begin discussing physical boundaries in our relationship. Please give us wisdom is how to be modest in our boundaries without being too strict and limiting our relationship due to fear. God, we both want to come to You in prayerseparately and togetheras we work to set ourselves up for success. Help us make good and Godly decisions and give us the self-control to respect the boundaries we set. Amen.

Jesus, many of my Christian friends have had sex or oral sex even though they are not married. When they tell me about it, they have many justifications for why it is okay, and it is getting harder for me to abstain or even feel like I need to. God, can you please help me? Give me the wisdom to know how to respond to these friends and give me the strength to hold onto my own beliefs without wavering. Thank You, God. Amen.

Righteous Savior, I come humbly to You today to ask You to help me to still value purity even in my marriage. Just because I am married, does not give me a free to pass to think about or act on anything and everything I feel. Help me respect my spouse and respect that boundaries can still exist within a marriage. God, help me fix my eyes on You. Amen.

Heavenly Father, I am starting to have feelings for somebody who is already in a relationship. I am having thoughts and desires about this person that are unhealthy, unfair to them, and ultimately ungodly. Help me clear my mind of these thoughts, Jesus. These thoughts are harmful to me and harmful to the other person and their relationship. Help me take the steps I must take and the space I need to rid myself of this impurity. Amen.

Lord of Light, I ask that you clear my mind of impure thoughts and help me think about what is true, noble, right, pure, lovely, and admirable. Keep my mind set on excellent and praiseworthy things, and help me avert my eyes from sinful things that harm me and my trust in You. I want my thoughts to glorify You, but I need Your help in order to succeed in doing that. Be my assistance, God. Amen.

Gracious God, the Psalms say that the fear of the Lord is pure, enduring forever. As I pursue purity in my life, help me remember that this includes the fear of the Lord as well. May I remember always that You are the all-powerful God and I am to bow down in awe of You. God, grant me a pure heart and clean hands as I bow down in worship of You. You are gracious, good, and merciful. Amen.

Lord Jesus, there are times when I give in to temptation because I truly believe that there is no way that I could not give in. Jesus, forgive me for my little faith. Forgive me for forgetting to come to You in times of temptationor choosing not to. Lord, there is no excuse for me to fall victim to temptation, and I pray for strength as I work to resist it in the future. Amen.