Prayer For Peace In Our Nation

Listen to the cry that rises from every corner of this fragile earth, from our human family torn by violent conflict. It is to You we pray, O loving Lord today, in the days to come, and alwaysfor the repose of the departed, for the healing of the spiritual and moral afflictions tormenting our country, and for an end to the violence that can only lead to ruin and destruction.

In the immortal words of our liturgy: Ungal, getso, yev voghormya; Receive our prayers, save your people, and have mercy, and make us worthy to glorify you with thanksgiving together with the Father and the Holy Spirit, now and forever and unto the ages of ages. Amen.

Our peace and our life, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ: Send upon us and our country your peace by breathing into each of us your life-giving and all-powerful Holy Spirit; so that having found our peace from all worldly commotion, violence around us, prejudice, racism and injustice, we too may become a temple and dwelling place for your divine grace.


Almighty and Eternal God,may your grace enkindle in alla love for the many unfortunate peoplewhom poverty, misery or warreduce to a condition of lifeunworthy of human beings.Arouse in the hearts of those who call You, Father,a hunger and thirst for justice and peaceand for charity in deeds and in truth.Grant, O Lord, peace in our days,peace to souls, peace to families, peace to our country,and peace among nations. Amen

God of our fathers Whose almighty handleads forth in beauty all the starry bandof shining world with splendor in the skiesour grateful songs before Your throne arise.Your love divine has led us in the pastin this free land by You our lot is castMay You be our ruler, guardian and stayYour word our law, Your paths our chosen way.From war's alarms, from deadly pestilenceMy Your strong arm be our everlasting defenseYour true religion in our hearts increaseYour bounteous goodness nourish us in peace.Refresh Your people on their toilsome wayLead us from night to ever ending dayFill all our lives with love and grace divineand glory, laud and praise be forever Yours. Amen

Prince of Peace, inspire South Sudan's warring leaders to restore calm and civility so that their fledgling nation can be a haven where children can grow into all You intend them to be. Amen

Lord Jesus, who makes blind eyes see, you tell us to
pray for those who persecute us.
We ask you to stop the hand of those set on violence
and bloodshed in our nation, and pray that they will
experience a change of heart so radical that they become
people who seek peace and reconciliation.
We pray for protection, comfort and strength for all those
who are facing persecution, and for the hope of a future
where all people can live together free from fear. Amen.

God of Love, God of Peace,
This fractured word
Cries out in pain,
Burns deep into my soul,
And challenges me,
To make a difference.

God of Love, God of Peace,
God of this world,
Scarred by grief and tears,
Ignorance and fear,
Soften hearts of stone,
And begin with mine.

God of Love, God of Peace,
Create within me
A heart for people,
A desire for change,
For new beginnings
To start this day.

For lasting peace in this ancient land
From you, O Lord.
For wisdom and compassion for all in authority
From you, O Lord.
For comfort for families separated or bereaved
From you, O Lord.
For the release of captives
From you, O Lord.
For safety and security for minority communities.
From you, O Lord.
For refreshment for the weary and healing for the sick
From you, O Lord.
For continuing faithfulness of the ancient churches of this land
From you, O Lord.
For tenacity of spirit for small Christian groups
From you, O Lord.
For the mutual enrichment and support of those of different Christian traditions
From you, O Lord.

You, Lord of all, we confess;
You, Lord Jesus, we glorify;
For you are the life of our bodies
And you are the Saviour of our souls.