Prayer For Nurses And Hospital Workers

Dear Father God, please guide me as I begin my work today, I pray. Inspire and grant me Your grace and wisdom with all those that are sick and suffering, and use me to be a light in a darkened world and refreshment to souls that are weary.

Give me the grace to deal with whatever I may encounter today, and help me to be use of You to minister healing and help to hurting people, both physically and in other ways.

Use me I pray, to be Your hands, and help and guide me in the things that I should say and keep me I pray, from speaking out, when quietness would be more appropriate. I look to You as my help and guide in Whom I place my trust. In Jesus' name I pray,


We pray for all doctors, nurses and emergency workers. May they rejoice in the skills you have given them which enable them to bring hope, healing and wholeness to those in their care. May they also know guidance and support in times of pain and frustration when their skills are not enough to prevent permanent injury, disability or death. Bless each one of them, that they may be a blessing to others.

We light this candle for all doctors, nurses, pastoral care workers, social workers, aides, and all healthcare workers who seek to cure the bodies, nurse the souls, and heal the hearts of the sick who come to them. May they be given wisdom and skill, patience and determination, compassion and sympathy as they perform the ministry of healing.

Loving God, on this day we remember healthcare workers here in our own facilities and everywhere.
We pledge our prayerful support to all who give of themselves daily in the healing ministry of Jesus. As they work to cure, speak to soothe, and touch to heal in the power of the Holy Spirit, may they be renewed in their commitment of service to the healthcare ministry. Lay your gentle hand upon each of them as they touch others with your presence. We pray in your holy name. Amen.

God, please keep me and everyone in the frontlines safe as we offer everything that we are to overcome this crisis. We all need to be strong and fearless for our patients, our friends, and our family. Shower us with your unwavering love so that we are lifted whenever we are on the verge of exhaustion and despair. Help us see it through so that we remain strong for those who need us, in your name, our Almighty God. Amen.

Lord, keep our nurses strong and healthy in every area of their lives. Give them the physical, emotional, and spiritual comfort they need during this challenging time. Protect them, their families, children, and everyone under their care.

Lord, help them to not grow weary in doing good. Do not let them doubt themselves and their purpose in life. And when they start breaking down, lift them up oh Lord.

Bless their hearts and fill them whenever they start coming close to being empty.


Long before you entered nursing
The Lord had played His part,
Planting seeds of love and kindness
In the portals of your heart.
For it's clear that you've been gifted
With a sympathetic ear,
And blessed from the beginning
With a willingness to cheer.
And the people who you care for
Are better off by far,
When they're touched by your compassion,
By the person that you are.
For in times of woe and worry
When they're frightened or they're blue,
No one could be more consoling than the friend they'll find in you

As I care for my patients today
Be there with me, Oh Lord, I pray.
Make my words kind it means so much.
And in my hands place your healing touch.
Let your love shine through all that I do,
So those in need may hear and feel You.