Prayer For My Husband To Come Home From Jail

Holy Father, Please rain down your Holy Spirit on Clark and I. Fill our hearts with the desire to do your will in our lives. Please soften his heart and ease the anger he has. Help us to forgive each other. Father I plead for Your mercy. Please lead Clark to stop the divorce he filed and seek Godly counseling for us.

Protect him from anything that would seek to separate us from each other and keep us from reuniting. If there is an illness making him do this, heal him. Heal both of our hearts, give us strength and courage to do your will, even if it means humbling ourselves. Father, help him remember the sweet times, the romantic times, the happy, joyful times, not only the difficult times. Set us on a path toward reconciliation.

I ask You to walk before me and guide my words and thoughts when I speak to my children and my husband. Walk through me through this storm and help me to do your will Father. I love you. Thank you Father, I give you all praise and glory. In Jesus' name, Amen.


I thank u for blessing me with a son and thank u for blessing me with another child. But lord I need your help bringing the father of my children home from jail i know he as learned his lesson.

i know he is truly sorry for what he has done but lord I can't raise two kids on my own please lord blessed me with him coming home please i will forever love and worship u lord please hear my prayers

I feel a tear run down my face
As I sit in this quiet, lonely place.
I think of you and need you here.
I wipe away my falling tear.
I hit the floor on bended knee.
I ask, I beg, I start to plead.
Please bring him home.
God, no longer do I want to be alone.
Is there an Angel you could send to us
And give us a miracle? In God I trust.
He's done enough time; he needs to be free.
Please God, bring him home to me.
We believe in love; I believe in you.
Please God, is there something you could do?
I'll make it up to you, God, you know I will.
I'll be good and honest, grateful and true.
So please send us an Angel, is all I ask of you
I'll say this prayer each and every day
Until he is in my arms and home to stay.