Prayer For Him To Fall In Love With Me

I have suffered a lot to find a good man, Lord, if he is good for me, please, in his heart for me and make my love in his heart permanent until we become one. Let him be proud of me anywhere he is.

Your holy name will be praised forever; your merciful eyes should be directed to me this year so that my man will love me and request for marriage. I will forever worship you to put a smile on my face and bless me with the best love ever.

Make my heart be filled with joy and happiness. Let my matter be important in his heart. Lord, you are the highest, please let my love in heart be the best. Let him see no other woman save me.

May your name be glorified forever. God almighty, to you, belong all that is easy, to you belong all that is hard. Put my thought, love, passion, and sympathy in his heart so that he can care for me like a child and pamper me like his daughter and play with me like his wife that I am.

I bless His holy name; He who created love as a passionate bond between a man and a woman, He who does everything and is capable of stopping any movement. Let your power be manifested in my life and put an endless smile on my cheek, joy in my heart through the love of the man I love.

Dear Lord, I know you see my heart. I am in no way or form trying to manipulate people to my side, I will not say this person I love should fall in love with me. I will only ask that you open his eyes, to see the qualities that you have deposited in me. He seems carried away right now, but you can help me to make him focus with direction.

Bless me this year with something special. Bless me with goodness and it should be the love of my husband. I need him to look at my side and make me happy once again. Take good care of him for me and let me glow like sunshine before him so that he will admire me.

Lord, I love this man with all my heart and wish he should love me back so that we can become a great spouse tomorrow. Lord, let him begin to consider me before every other lady and divert his attention to notice me.