Prayer For Him To Marry Me

I pray my relationship will back to normal. Our love is true we don't want to lose it. We pray for our love will be stay stronger than before. Alex will accept me' I cry to you. please help me or kill me. I Can't move on. we love each other truly. you gift us to each other. we promise to take care until we live in this earth. please show us the way. we seek for your mercy and blessing that you may allow us to be husband and wife. make us to be great couple and good example to our family, children, grandchildren. I love him more than my live. I cant live without him. I cry to you god Please help me make us to back. he will love me more than I do, care about me more than I do, Love more than I do. I pray in Jesus Holy name Amen

i love my friend we are very close cause of my age he is proposing with another girl please please pray a miracle may work as he already gone to see the other girl that god may change his mind and bring him back to me i am suffering within myself cannot understand what to do do feel like ending my life

Prayer for my boyfriend too be a better man too me and too be faithful too me and start paying more attention to me and show more love to me and too marry me and stop putting other females and money before me and love me for me and not for money are sex but because he loves me and I pray that he returns my love and love me unconditionally

Please pray with me and for me so that my boyfriend and I can get money to marry each other. We have been going out for two years now, and had a baby who sadly passed on. Our tw families get along very well, my family loves him, his family loves me too, i love him, and i have never been this happy in love. We supported each other when we lost our baby, which was a trying time for our relationship, and when we emerged on the other side still strong in love, We noticed that we belong together. We would very much like to get married, but we do not have enough money for that. We pary that God redirects us so that we can get enough money to marry and have our own home. In God's name I trust. Amen.

I pray for my boyfriend since 9 months to commit to me to open his heart to let me into his life introduced me to his family to be with me to make an honorable woman out of me and to accept unconditional love & tolove me back he's closed in he's damaged had a difficult childhood earlier marriage relationships abandoned and is disillusioned but I time I have reassured my love will not chanhe & I will be there always and I show him act of love acts of service affirmation me being there for him that is my l respect honor mature love with integrity that I desire him I want him to be a part of my life I know of his demons I know of his hardships but yet he's afraid to open up and to get closer the more I show him I love him more he withdraws I pray to God almighty if he changes his ways with an open heart except my love I'm a God loving God-fearing woman and I would never do anything to hurt you pray to God almighty for things to change 30 days amen

God bless us Philipp Michael Braune and Rose to love each other together forever in holy matrimony.Strengthen us all throughout our lives together. Bless us with a newborn baby filled with everlasting love from up above in God's will be done Amen.

Lord. I give you thanks I give you all the glory for you are worthy. Lord I put all our requests to you our lord and saviour Jesus we are nothing without you. Help us to seek you to get close to you your kingdom and all our gift shall be added unto us. Hallelujah. Help us to seek you the blesser and not just our blessing.

Lord all these requests for prayers I pray you will grant every needs according to your will. Jesus help us to recognise when you are giving us the answers we need. Help us with the understanding of your word. Lead us to your word that will reassure us. And give us clarity and confirmation. In Jesus name Amen.

Prayer for my boyfriend and I to get married and start our lives together. We have been together for 2 years. We continue to live separately as I have always said I would not move in until I was engaged. We have our differences as all couples do, but I ask for you to please pray for faith in each other, unconditional love, and for God to move into our lives like never before to start us on the path of planning out lives together. That all things in the way of marriage be removed so that we can share our lives together, as one, with God, and a future family of our own. In Jesus name, Amen. Thank you and God Bless.