Prayer For Flying

God of grace, I ask You to give wisdom to my employer and clients regarding the prudence of flying at this time. Help them to consider using the well-established alternative of video conferencing for these meetings. For the safety of myself and others who will be attending this meeting, I pray that those making the decisions will opt for the wisest venue. Remind them that video conferencing will also be cost-effective, more convenient, and will save time for all involved. Amen.

God of peace, I am nervous about having to take this flight. Please ease my anxiety. Give me the peace of mind I need, so I can feel comfortable while traveling. Help me not to worry about all the things that can happen. I thank You that Your faithful love endures forever. I know You will keep me safe and secure through this time of travel. Thank You for relieving my distress. Amen.

God of all comfort, I feel apprehensive about being on this plane. I hear someone coughing a lot and worry that they might be sick. Oh Lord, I hope that person is just suffering from seasonal allergies. But if not, please protect me and the others on this flight from sickness. Give me the self-control to stay calm. Give me peaceful composure, so I'm not agitating anyone but instead helping them to feel at ease. Amen.

O Lord, You are the lifter of my head, and today I seek Your guidance and Your comfort. I must take this flight, but I really do not want to. Help me to not obsess about this situation but focus on seeking You. Help me build up my faith and confidence in Your divine protection. Help me trust You to work all things together for my good. I thank You for watching over me. Amen.

God of grace, I am concerned because my business requires me to travel by air. I ask that You place a hedge of protection around me in the airport and on the plane. Please do not allow any viruses or other disease-causing pathogens to infect me. I thank You that You created me with an immune system to fight disease, and pray that it will work well, and I will remain in perfect health. Amen.

Steadfast God, You know I'm fearful about being made to fly. And yet I praise You, for in Your power, I eagerly expect that I will have sufficient courage. I pray that as I take adequate measures to stay safe, at the same time, I will be confident that You are with me. I thank You for shielding and protecting and sustaining me. I pray that I will not only be fearless but will enjoy the flight. Amen.

Lord of help, I pray for my fellow passengers today. Many of us are nervous about flying and about getting sick from another passenger. Help us to all be careful and use appropriate measures to prevent the transmission of disease. Help us to also be calm and peaceful and keep anxiety away. Help us all to do our best in this situation. I put my trust in You and ask that You cover us with peace. Amen.

Lord, guard all souls aboard this aircraft, and all who fly this day. Guide the hands of the flight crews and maintainers. Protect us from the perils of the air and deliver us safely to our journey's end, through Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever. Amen.