Prayer For Focus And Clarity

Lord Jesus, You have assured us that You are not the author of confusion. With confusion comes a lack of clarity, and with a lack of clarity, there is always a distraction and a feeling of hopelessness. Therefore, I ask You to make me sharp and quick-witted. Help me to focus and tease apart messy situations so that I can be of use to others and help resolve problems. In Your almighty name, I pray. Amen.

Everlasting Father, wonderful and counselor, you are the almighty God, the all-knowing and all-seeing God. Nothing is hidden from you, and even darkness is as plain as light before you. I praise and adore your holy name for who you are and for the things you do.

God, I approach unto your presence today in the multitude of your mercy; I know that you know my ways and I do not want to be wise in my own eyes. Thus, Lord, I ask that you lead me today and give me guidance, direction, clarity, and wisdom into your truth. God, order my steps by your Holy Spirit, let my choices be guided by your word, let me not go ahead of you.

I humbly ask for your guidance and direction today as I go through life. Please guide me in your love and lead me in your light that I may not fall into temptation, that darkness may not overtake me. God, I pray that you light my candle and enlighten my darkness. I pray for clarity in my situation. In the name of Jesus. Amen.

Dear heavenly Father,
Give me clarity,
Of mind, heart, and spirit.
Let me see things for how they are,
As you see them.

Let me see my situation with,
Your eyes,
With the eyes of Christ.
Take away my fears and emotions,
And may your spirit shine through.

In your clarity, I find peace,
Strength and direction.

When my eye is clear,
I see where there is hurt,
So i can show compassion.
I see where there is sin,
So i can give mercy.

I know how to protect my heart,
From those that may harm me.

When my eye is clear.
I see the great work,
Christ did for us all.
By taking all sin upon Him,
Then rising up victoriously.

Jesus is my King and Savior.
This is my clarity.
This is my home.
In his Holy name,


Thank you for showing me that I can't rely on my own thinking or understanding. My only means of finding clarity is through you, Lord.

Forgive me for my searching for answers through myself and others when I should've come to you first.

Lord, I need help in clearing the fogginess that floats between me and understanding something clearly.

I pray you will help me in all areas of my life to find clarity and wisdom.

As I read your Word, please help me to fully understand what you want to communicate to me.

Help my mind and heart to be open and willing to accept the things that you want to reveal to me.

Father, I pray that you will help me to have a clear path of wisdom and understanding in my life.

Create in me a filter that removes the chaos and temptation of evil to see the truth and the way.

Guide me to step over and on from the things the world tempts me with.

Help me to see clearly in that mirror and show me what I need to change and give to you.

Change me and my way of thinking and help me to walk within your will. You are an awesome God. I pray in Jesus' name amen.

Dear Heavenly Father, I pray for clarity in this difficult situation I am facing.

There is so much uncertainty and confusion, no matter which angle I approach it from.

I've tried so hard to tackle this with reasoning, but I've come to the end of my limited human knowledge.

I simply don't know what I'm supposed to do.

Many times, I wish that things were simpler. But God, I know that you see all things objectively; you know exactly how you want this situation to end.

Your grace, your love, and your will for my life are made clear in your Word.

So Lord, grant me wisdom. Help me to see the world through your eyes.

Don't let me be blinded by my emotions or my own personal desires. Just show me the way that would best glorify you.

May your Word be a beacon of light in the middle of all this darkness, guiding me in the right direction.

I want to make the choice that you desire for me, not simply the one that looks most appealing to me at this moment.

Give me confidence and resolve in whatever I decide, and once I have made the decision, clear my conscience of any guilt or shame.

Ultimately, help me to rely on your wisdom and not my own.

It is by your grace alone that this conflict can be resolved in a godly way. Lead me by your Holy Spirit.

I pray this in Jesus' name.


Father God bless all who are taking their time to pray over me and my love ones today, Father i need you all ways, i am weak and need your strength, clarity, direction and your heart most to fill us with thy spirit and LOVE.

Cast out all doubt, hurt, anger in me father and replace with your love ,prueness, boldness and courage I seek you with all of me and wait for you everyday father and your glory to be shown and i believe it is today father thank you . prepare alexandria and danielle for our journey ahead and protect us from all who are trying to take us down, most our hearts break all confusion, evilness and walls ahead that is blocking us in jesus name

We need heavenly wisdom ,knowledge, and favour -who to film and where father in jesus name .. We are stepping in faith and trusting in you , bless us financially to help those in need and show truth and your heart , expand our terriorty and bring devine appointments to b!ring glory to the father a . daddy we need you we also intercede for fraser and stephen our boyfriends break all separation, distance and bondages that are separating us from being together ,and prepare our hearts for marriage , bring heavenly love ,beauty and riches of your heart father in all 4 of lives and please reunite us and reconcile like never before ,our relationship built on you , please have mercy on us and grace today and protect us all and let no evilness,persons or things come or separate us form one another most you father.

Prepare us for marriage through the blood of jesus . WE need you father in such a time as this, devine favour and affection . we are putting our hope ,faith and trust in you . I believe all is done but it hurts and feel alone at the moment in jesus name thank you for everything and being here always here ,,,,,,, thank you in jesus name

Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank you for the gift of thought processes.
Today I praise you for human minds.
To understand the magnitude of your power
Is beyond my comprehension,
Yet every detail of the world is under your care.
Lord, sometimes my mind grows cloudy
With the cares of this world.
The fog sets in and I can't think clearly.
I need you, the Light of the World,
Because my eyes grow so dim in the dark.
Would you help me stay focused on your light?
Would you provide clarity and make it bright?
For when I get a tiny glimpse
Of a life led by your shine,
I realize with each beaming ray
I want that life to be mine.
In Jesus' name,

Lead me Lord, in the way that I should go and give me I pray, clarity of thought and a clear focus on what Your will is for the direction of my life. I am seeking You for guidance, direction, clarity and focus, and pray that by grace through faith I would walk in spirit and truth, doing only those things that are pleasing in Your sight.
Lord, You have promised wisdom to all who ask, and heavenly Father, I am asking for that wisdom today so that I may know the direction You would have me go, and be enabled to make clear choices regarding the future.
Help me to always follow the path of faith and the road of righteousness, and not be diverted into the way of fear or overshadowed by doubts or engulfed in unbelief. Help me to be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might, so that I might be able to resist evil and do good, to Your praise and glory. This I ask in Jesus' name,