Prayer For Discipleship

Lord Jesus Christ, we pray for the spirit of discipleship among us. We want to be Your followers who know You, Love You, Serve You, Praise and Glorify You.

We pray that most of us, who want to follow You, be filled with Your Holy Spirit so that we get the courage and strength to bear the burden of ridicule, torture and persecution from the non-believers and the evil one.

Lord Jesus, help us to teach our children the good fruits of being Your disciples so that Your harvest field may have enough labourers. Amen.

Our walk with God
is never a lonely walk,
it is a family occasion,
if taken in the company
of God's children.
If we lag behind,
there are those who will turn
and offer words of encouragement,
hold out a hand and offer assistance
over stiles and other obstacles,
share refreshment,
help us from our knees
when we stumble.
Our walk with God
is never a lonely walk,
it is a joyful experience
as along the path others join us,
attracted by the company
of God's children,
singing the same songs of praise
that angels sing,
following a path
worn down by tears and joy
and sacrifice.
Our walk with God
is never a lonely walk,
for he walks with us,
on a track that leads
to a glorious

Your light is the only light I need,
as I travel through life's mystery .
Your word the only voice I hear,
that still small voice that leads me
to the place where I should be.
Your presence is the only company I need,
as I walk this narrow road.
Your fellowship the warmth I crave,
to help me on my way

Good and Gracious God,
Your Son, Jesus Christ,
invites all people to follow him
and become his disciples.

Touch our hearts, enlighten our minds,
and stir our spirit.

Help us daily to take up our cross
and follow him;
by living his Word
and proclaiming his Good News
to those around us.

May our faith in you increase,
may our hunger for the Gospel intensify,
and may our parish be strengthened
as we learn to love one another
as he has loved us.

For this we pray, Amen.

God of love,
source of mercy and compassion,
weave your dream for the world
into the fabric of our lives.

Remove the scales from our eyes
and lift the indifference from our hearts,
so that we may see your vision
a new reign of justice and compassion
that will renew the earth.

Transform our lives,
so that we may accomplish your purpose.

Anoint us with your spirit of love
that we might bring good news to the oppressed,
bind up the brokenhearted,
and proclaim release to the captive.

Give us a new urgency
and a new commitment
to feed the hungry,
clothe the naked,
shelter the homeless,
and visit those who live in isolation.

Help us to reach out to those
whom no one else will touch,
to accept the unacceptable,
and to embrace the enemy.

Surround us with your love,
fill us with your grace,
and strengthen us for your service.

Empower us to respond to the call of Jesus
to deny ourselves,
to take up our crosses,
and to follow.

Make us your disciples.


Pray that churches and Christians would see the Great Commission of Matthew 28 as our purpose for life. Everyone is being discipled into some way of life, so pray that we would see an increasing commitment to the way of Jesus take root in our communities.