Prayer For Discernment Of Spirits

Dear LORD, help me distinguish between the accuser's voice and the Advocate's voice. I know I have a choice when it comes to whom I listen to: condemnation or correction. Thank You for Your great love that never condemns, but lovingly corrects. Increase my wisdom and let my mind and soul be enlightened by the gift of discernment.

In Jesus' Name,


Father, please guide my footsteps so that I do not sin against you. Do not let me sin against you, so that Satan will not have an advantage over me. Empower me through your Holy Spirit to obey all your commandments, and help me to faithfully serve you so that I can prosper throughout the days of my life. For in the name of Jesus Christ I pray.


Dear God, please guide my steps not to seek counsels from ungodly people. Assist me to seek godly counselors who may guide me into making right decisions. Help me to prayerfully consider any counsel before I take an action. Do not let me rush into judgment and regret afterward. Rather, let your Holy Spirit counsel, comfort, and empower me to appropriately make decisions that will result in positive benefits. For in the name of Jesus Christ I pray.

Father, there is an ever-encroaching darkness that is spreading across our nation in particular and the world in general, and morality, truth and virtue are quickly being replaced with an evil and unbiblical society.
Bless we pray, and protect those that are seeking to uphold the truth of the gospel, and give each one spirit-empowered discernment and wisdom to follow the path of truth and to renounce the evils that are seeking to encroach, suffocate and confuse those who trust in Your holy name.
Thank You, that in the power of Your Holy Spirit, You have enabled and empowered all those that trust in Jesus as Saviour to stand firm. Thank You, that you have endowed us with the spiritual armour that we need to shun evil. Equip us with all that is needful to stand fast in the evil day. This we ask in the name of the Lord Jesus,