Prayer For Calming The Storm

God of love, You are for us, what can ever be against us? Nothing can separate us from Your love. Even when we have trouble and calamity and are in mortal danger, we can rest in Your compassion. No power in the skies above, the earth below nothing in all of creation can separate us from Your loving care for us. Thank You for keeping us safe through this mighty tempest. Amen.

Lord, we give thanks to You, for You are good; Your faithful love endures forever. When the winds and the waves rise, and we cringe in terror, we cry out to You in our distress, knowing You can calm the storm to a whisper and still the waves. Please draw near, and be our safety. We praise You for Your great love and the wonderful things You have done for us. Amen.

Help Lord! This disaster is engulfing us! We are overwhelmed. We cry out to You for help. We anxiously seek Your protection and refuge as the ruthless forces of nature threaten to destroy us. We thank You that You are our strong tower we can run to You and be saved. We humbly ask You to subdue this fierce danger. Reach down from heaven and rescue us. Amen.

Heavenly Father, You are our hiding place from the storm and the rain. You are our shelter and our covering. We ask You for preservation from this raging tempest. Please keep all those in the path of this storm safe and defend their homes from damage. Bring peace and protection and provision, we ask. Thank You for Your great compassion and mercy for Your children. Amen.

When dangers invade our sense of safety
and we wonder if our Redeemer cares,
we hear the invitation:
Be at peace. Be calm.

When we face job loss and financial downturns,
and our sense of security is shaky,
we hear the invitation:
Be at peace. Be calm.

When our congregations experience distress, conflict,
and loss of significant leadership,
we hear the invitation:
Be at peace. Be calm.

When controversial issues and rigidity of spirit
threaten to tear at the very fabric of the faith community,
we hear the invitation:
Be at peace. Be calm.

When our lives feel chaotic and desolate
because of illness or sorrow,
we hear the invitation:
Be at peace. Be calm.

Help us to know, O God,
that the one who calmed the dangerous sea is present with us,
cares for us, and can calm the stormy waters of our lives.
Help us to trust more fully and more deeply in you.
We pray in the name of Jesus, who invites us to be at peace.


God of love and power,
we listen to the stories of miracles and doubt that these things can happen today.
We look at the waves of misfortune, distress, misery, distrust, and anger
and wonder how we can still those waves.
We feel the pressures of power and fear flooding into our lives,
threatening to drown us and wonder where you are.
Forgive us for the littleness of our faith.
Forgive us for our doubts.
Help us to place out trust in you, Lord Jesus.
Help us to fix our eyes on you and on the ministries to which you have called us.
For we ask these things in Jesus' Name.


The worst storms, Jesus, are the ones caused by our fear,
when we grow afraid of losing our power,
or we grow suspicious of the power of others,
when we refuse to acknowledge your mysterious authority;

Yet, it's in the storm that we find our capacity to love.
In releasing our weak claim to power
and opening to your reign,
we discover a new way of seeing ourselves
as called and useful and beloved
and the other, whoever they may be
as dignified and precious and beloved.

Here in the storm, Jesus, we need you, and we need each other,
and the love you give us to share,
leads us through sacrifice and self-giving
to peace and calm,
if only we will loose our hold on fear.


Mighty God, who speaks a word of peace to calm our troubled sea;
Caring God, who nudges us away from fear and toward faith;
Ever-present God, who fills us with awe
but also raises many questions
without easy answers;
Open our eyes to see you in our boattoday,
Strengthen our hearts for the challenges that lie ahead,
Open our ears this hour to hear the word you speak.
This we pray, In Jesus' name.