Prayer For Wednesday

From our rising in the morning
to our lying down again,
you are with us
every hour of the day,
our reassurance
when storms assail
and strength
when courage fails.
From our rising in the morning
to our lying down again,
your light illumines
every step of the way,
our comfort
when darkness falls
and peace
that calms our souls.
From our rising in the morning
to our lying down again,
you are with us.

Eternal God, as we continue in prayer for the people and churches in Comoros, Madagascar, Maldives, Mauritius and Seychelles, we pray in particular that you will bless all those who are in political leadership for the members of Parliament and all those to whom you have entrusted the administration of the country, so that all citizens may live peaceful and quiet lives in mutual respect and honesty.

Sovereign God, we seek your divine protection over all people in these countries especially at this time when they are confronted with living through the COVID-19 pandemic. Protect them too from from war, crises, rioting and disorder. Enable these lands to become economically and socially developed countries.

Merciful God, grant to the people a healthy and peaceful life on the land that you have given, and may each one be able to serve you in truth and concord in the name of your beloved Son, Jesus Christ our Lord.

Gracious God, may the changes in the weather caused by human selfishness, and by companies established in these places, not prove disastrous. Provide, we pray, for the most deprived, and save your people from the impact of natural disasters such as famine and flood.

Faithful God, bless Christian families and those who joyfully practise charity. Bring comfort and help to widows, orphans, the sick, the afflicted, and the dying. Have pity on all people everywhere.

God of all comfort, we pray today for the soul of the Rev. Dr Mary-Anne Plaatjies van Huffel who passed into the nearer presence of her Lord yesterday. May your divine presence embrace her husband, family, friends, colleagues and the local and broader ecumenical church family. As we remember her Christian witness, we ask of you to help us to live and to die in fellowship with you, and so share in the resurrection and eternal life.

Lord God,

You are with us in the day and the night.

You are with us when we're happy and when we're sad.

You are with us when we're healthy and when we are ill.

You are with us when we are peaceful and when we are worried.

Today, however, we are feeling, we affirm that you are with us.

Help us to remember that you love us and are with us in everything today. Amen