Prayer For Weight Loss

Lord, I am sick of my clothes not fitting and feeling unattractive. This isn't who I am, the person with all of this extra weight. I feel unlovable and uncomfortable. Lord, help me to know that my worth doesn't come from my physical size but from You. Understanding my worth will undoubtedly help me with my weight problem. Amen.

God, I need to move my body more. I need to have more activity in my life and honor my body by keeping it active. Please help me feel motivated to exercise. Amen.

Lord, I need you to be my parent, Just like a good mom feeds her baby the proper nutrition for their development, I too need the right foods, but I do not know how to feed myself. I surrender to You, God. Lead me in my choices, like a parent leads their child. Amen.

God, the scale hasn't moved in days, and I am getting frustrated. I am doing everything right, but this lack of progress makes me want to give up. Please help me overcome this small hurdle so that I can stay on the path toward my goal of health. Amen.

God, I do not know how to feed myself properly. I gravitate to foods that are not nutritional. I do not know how to crave an apple or a salad. I really know how to crave fast food. I need you to switch my desires. I need you to come and help me. Amen.

God, I want to lose weight. I have been in a cycle for so many years being in the body I do not want to be in, so I need You. I come to You because You can aid me in my journey toward health, for you are the God of health and restoration. Guide me and help me to follow You, please! Amen.

Gracious God, I have a goal and a desire to be more healthy. I know only true health comes from you. While it may be tough, I know if I stay the course I will succeed. However, some moments and even days are tough for my mind wants what will cause me to fail. Help me fight off those temptations. Help me to stay the course. I need your strength, and I need you to provide my determination. Help me to find clever ways to stay focused and on the path, for you are the Creator of all and You know what I need. Thank you always. Amen.

Heavenly Father, I love you.

Thank you for giving me an earthly body to serve You and others. Today, I offer it up to You and ask that You help me in my weight loss journey.

I've reached the end of my rope, Lord. I've been trying so hard, but my self-control runs out and when I mess up, I just feel like a failure and want to give up.

But you tell us to run with endurance, so I will keep on trying, leaning on Your Almighty strength along the way.

My stretch marks, belly, muffin top, aches and pains, and arm flaps can be so frustrating to me. Let them never distract me from the fact that my body is so very valuable to You.

You created me and You never make mistakes. You lovingly and carefully knit every part of me together. This broken vessel of mine feels weak and embarrassing sometimes, but You created it to be a temple of the Holy Spirit.

Let me always remember the gift that it is and teach me how to care for my body better.

Lord, I know you will love me whether I am 100 or 500 pounds. You don't judge me based on my pant size or my outward appearance.

But you care that this extra weight makes life harder with pain, health issues, physical limitations, and so many insecurities.

Help me to lose this weight, Lord.

Help me to glorify You in my food choices and worship You in my exercise.

I don't want to view healthy eating and exercise as a punishment. I want to be a good steward of this body, so empower me to reach for foods that will nourish my body and movement that will nurture itand to genuinely enjoy them as ways to bring glory to You!

God, I don't want to be a slave to food, giving in to emotional eating and binging on junk food. I want to experience your life-giving freedom, breaking every chain with Your mighty power.

I am a master of beating myself up with guilt after I make a mistake. Remind me to choose grace over guilt so that I can keep moving forward in Your footsteps instead of staying stuck rehashing my failures.

Help me to build a support system in my life that will bring me accountability and encouragement. Let them speak words of life to cheer me on in my successes and support me through the hard days.

Above all, use these things to draw me nearer to You. My desire is for more of You and less of me. Allow me to rest in the comfort of Your unfailing love and Your new mercies every morning.

Today, I offer my whole self to You as a living sacrifice.

I love You so much and I pray all of these things in Your Son's holy name.