Prayer For Someone In Hospice

Loving Lord, I pray for all those that are in hospital tonight and who are facing long nights away from home with little sleep and who are bereft of their families and home comforts.

Be close to each one in hospital tonight, especially those that are finding sleep and rest so difficult. Be near to those that are frightened or disorientated, and may Your peace and hope fill many hearts tonight.

Lord You are the God of comfort and rest, and I pray that You would pour out that peace and comfort and joy that only comes from knowing You, onto those in hospital tonight. I pray there will be open hearts tonight, ready and willing to come to Christ Jesus as Saviour, so that You can pour that perfect peace that passes all understanding into their hearts and minds tonight. I ask this in the name of the Lord Jesus,


Loving Lord Jesus, You were the one Who encouraged the little children to come to You and placed Your hands on them to bless them. Lord, I bring the many children that are in hospital tonight, facing so many different sicknesses and illnesses.

Draw very close to each little life that is facing hospitalisation, and give them courage and peace in their hearts. I pray You would bring each one quickly back to full health and strength.

Give the doctors and nursing staff and all those that are involved with their wellbeing during their time in hospital, patience and skill as they treat each little life. And I ask that You would comfort the families of children and especially other siblings and parents, knowing that separation from home and family can be a frightening experience for all concerned. Guard each one and be with each one, and draw them closer into the arms of the Lord Jesus.


Our Father, what an awesome God You are. Father, I thank You for Your Word that reminds us that Jesus had compassion on people and He healed their sick. So, Lord during this hospital visit, we declare Your Word. We pray asking for Your compassion over all patients and staff during this visit. I know that You see the illness of those in this hospital, but there is no doubt You Lord can heal them because You love them. Amen.

Dear Lord, I pray for Your divine healing power to be here in this hospital. It is You who can and will take away all sickness from Your people, so I pray that this be done in Jesus' name. I pray that just as the woman with the issue of blood believed in Your healing powers, I pray that as her issue of blood stanched, I pray that we too can be made whole, in Jesus' name we pray Amen.

Father Lord,

As You are the One, and we, Your servants, we pray Oh God above to heal and support Name. Destroy any sickness that is, was, and will ever be in his/her body In Jesus Name. We pray that thereafter, You rejuvenate his/her mind, body, and soul, that he/she may be granted the strength to function in all areas of his/her life. Name shall stand before You Oh Lord, and he/she will pray and raise his or her voice in thanks to You.

We glorify Your mighty deeds Oh Lord, and In Jesus Name, Amen.

We ask you, God, to look with favor on your servant, [name], keep [him/her] near to you and assure [him/her] of your love, faithfulness and life eternal. Let us go now in the peace of God to serve with tenderness and love. Amen.

God of strength in weakness and hope in despair, we are yours in life and death. Sustain us for the journey of walking [name of loved one] home to you. Give us the graces you gave those who walked with your Son in his final moments on Earth. Steady our hands, gentle our hearts and sustain our spirits that seeing your face in [name] they may also see you in us.

Lord Jesus Christ, we call upon your blessed name and we pray for your merciful heart to surround these with love, strength, and courage and we ask Your hands to touch them with the power of healing. May they be directed to the right treatment in Your blessed name as we ask You Lord to represent the physicians, nurses, and medical care aids and administer them in Your spirits. May every cancerous cell be cast out and replaced with good ones. May every spot of this deadly cell be wiped out by Your powerful hands.