Prayer For Someone In Hospice Care


In Galatians 5:13 you tell us to serve one another humbly in love. It's not even a question that caring for others can be tough. Even more so for those who have chosen to become nurses.

Grow and water their servant hearts. Take their burdens. Bless them as they bless others. Remind them they don't have to face the day's challenges without You. You've put them on this path. You're not going to make them walk it alone.

You've told us the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control(Galatians 5:22). Nurses have bad days just like everyone else. As they walk into work to care for others, would You help them leave those bad days at the door? Let Your smile shine through. Replace their patience with Yours. Protect their feelings and emotional health when people or situations become difficult.

When your job is working with peopleespecially people struggling with issues of their ownit's easy to get frustrated and feel taken for granted. Prompt them with the right responses, even when they're treated poorly. Show them how You see those You've put in their care.

Jesus, keep our nurses healthy and strong in all areas of their lives. Protect their families, their marriages, their children, their incomes, their futures. Provide them with physical and emotional and spiritual rest. Help them not to grow weary in doing good(Galatians 6:9) and build them up when they're breaking down. Bless them with so much compassion that it spills effortlessly into their patients' lives. Be their backbone, their living water, and the one who continually fills them before they even come close to running on empty.

We often think of prayer as a hail-Mary, out-of-options, last-ditch-effort. Remind nurses to pray for their patients not last but first. After all, they have direct access to the Great Healer. Where medicine fails, You can still prevail. You are the only one capable of performing miracles and the only one who can soothe hearts when miracles don't appear.

Help nurses to be at peace with how You want to work in the lives of their patients. Help them accept Your will and see it as goodness even when it doesn't feel like anything close to being good. Thank you, Lord, for bringing Kyle's nurses into our life. Thank you for all those you've called to serve in this way. We need each and every one of them.


Glorious Father, we bring to Your throne doctors, nurses, medical technicians, first responders and all other healthcare professionals, whom You have called for the purpose of healing and comforting the sick. We thank You for the skills you have given them, which enable them to bring hope, healing, and wholeness to those in their care.

Father in Heaven, we magnify and glorify Your precious Name that surpasses all names. You are worthy, our LORD and God, to receive glory and honor and power, for You created all things, and by Your will, they were created and have their being. We thank you for the blessing of Healthcare workers and providers who put themselves on the line for us every day.

Father, I bow before you on behalf of the doctors all over the world. They do amazing work preventing and treating diseases of all kinds. They get exposed to danger every day in their line of duty. I ask that you protect them from violent patients, contagious diseases, and manipulations from cunning patients or family members. Help them to be firm in their principles regarding patient care despite the crossroads they encounter every day. Let their patients come first before anything else. Amen.

Mighty Healer, I bring our doctors before you. They are our earthly healers. Thank you for the good work they do and the sacrifices they make for the sake of the patients. Bless the work of their hands. You are the ultimate healer and through them, we receive our physical healing. Guide them in making the correct diagnosis and in the treatment of their patients. Let their successful treatments and patient satisfaction bring glory to you. Amen.

Sanctify, O Lord, those whom you have called to the study and practice of the arts of healing, and to the prevention of disease and pain. Strengthen them by your life-giving Spirit, that by their ministries the health of the community may be promoted and your creation glorified; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

O merciful Father, who have wonderfully fashioned man in your own image, and have made his body to be a temple of the Holy Spirit, sanctify, we pray you, our doctors and nurses and all those whom you have called to study and practice the arts of healing the sick and the prevention of disease and pain. Strengthen them in body and soul, and bless their work, that they may give comfort to those for whose salvation your Son became Man, lived on this earth, healed the sick, and suffered and died on the Cross. Amen.

Dear Father God, thank You for all those that have chosen to work in our hospitals and clinics so that they may help others who are seriously ill or needing some specialist health care.

Bless the nursing staff and doctors, and all those that make up the different medical teams, the various therapist, anaesthetists and surgeons, as well as the admin staff and ancillary workers. Bless each staff member, all of whom are so vital to the smooth running of our health centres and hospitals.

Give each one the wisdom and patience to work in this stressful environment, and may Your quiet calmness and peace settle in their hearts, as they work together to care for all their patients.

May our clinics and hospitals be truly caring environments and prevent those who work in them from becoming impersonal or disinterested in those for who they care, but rather may the love of Jesus show forth in each one. I pray that many of our hospital staff who do not yet know You, may come to a saving faith in Jesus Christ. Thank You, Lord.