Prayer For Protection From Hurricanes And Storms

Heavenly Father, in the strong name of Jesus and in the powerful place of agreement we pray a hedge of protection for those in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.

We ask that you protect them, their families, property and possessions from mighty winds, strong rains and surging waves.

We pray protection and effectiveness for first responders with emergency preparedness.

We know that our faith can move mountains and quiet fears

We rejoice that those who lose electricity will never lose the power of God guiding them.

We ask You, Heavenly Father, to dispatch angels to care for and protect all in the path of danger.

Finally, we ask for the peace of God comfort and strengthen everyone.

In the strong name of Jesus. . .we pray. . .Amen.

Protect, we ask you, O Lord, this house against the assaults of our spiritual enemies; and cause the present dreadful disorder of the air to cease. We offer you, O Lord, our praises and sacrifices in thanksgiving for the favors we have already received.

Lord, please hear our humble prayers; that we may rejoice in the ceasing of this storm, and always make a good use of the grant of your favors.


Lord Jesus Christ, Creator, and Lord of the universe,
You have set the earth on its foundation
All element of nature obeys your command.
While on earth you safe your apostles from perishing in the storm by
calming the wind and wave on your command.
We humbly beseech you our precious Lord,
to protect us from the unpredictable elements of nature
keep us safe during hurricane season and give us the favorable weather.
Please help us to calm all the storms of life that threaten us:
most especially from the destruction of hurricanes,
Help us to remain safe in your refuge
And be grateful for all you have done for us.
In Jesus Name we ask,

Oh God, our Rock, You are our shelter when storms come our way. We are secure, no matter what news we hear of danger. You are our rock and our defense. We will not be alarmed or fearful. When the wind rages around us, we have our safe retreat in You. You alone are our refuge, be ever near us, we pray. Keep us safe through this time. Amen.

God of mercy, be a barrier to our family from all sorts of disaster, whether weather incidents like hurricanes or tornadoes or flooding, or from rapidly-spreading disease, or from war or rioting, or from political upheaval or any other catastrophe that might bring danger to our family. We take refuge in You, Merciful One, for You are our Fortress. We abide in the shadow of Your wings. Amen.

Oh Lord, You are my Light and my Salvation. Why should I fear? You are the Stronghold of my life. Why should I be afraid? Even though all the elements of nature advance against me, to devour my home and my family, my heart will not fear. I will be confident in Your salvation. I ask that You hide me in the shelter of Your wings. Be merciful to me and answer me in Your compassion. Amen.

Heavenly Father, You are our hiding place from the storm and the rain. You are our shelter and our covering. We ask You for preservation from this raging tempest. Please keep all those in the path of this storm safe and defend their homes from damage. Bring peace and protection and provision, we ask. Thank You for Your great compassion and mercy for Your children. Amen.

Lord, we give thanks to You, for You are good; Your faithful love endures forever. When the winds and the waves rise, and we cringe in terror, we cry out to You in our distress, knowing You can calm the storm to a whisper and still the waves. Please draw near, and be our safety. We praise You for Your great love and the wonderful things You have done for us. Amen.