Prayer For Our School

Father God, we know that many we serve in this school know
little of you or how much you desire to love and know them.
In what we say and do today, may everyone learn more about
You, and how you would have us
love and respect you and our neighbour.

Be with us, Lord as we learn from you to best serve the
youngsters and the staff in our school. Help us to work together
well, to listen and respect each others talents and skills. May we
be watchful and mindful of the responsibilities we hold as a
Governing body and yet joyful in the privilege of seeing all grow.
Keep us focused and distinctive in our Christian ethos and
We thank you for our fellowship with all your people and
especially those within our school community.
We pray for those who cannot be with us this evening. We pray
that where they are, that they are safe.
We ask this is Jesus Name, Amen.

Almighty God,
may our school be welcoming
May our school be encouraging
Let friendship flourish here
Let learning fill our day
Give us the strength to do our best
Give us the hope to carry on.
Be our guide in all that we do.
Lord make this school your home too

Lord God, Righteous Savior, may your presence fill this school. The Bible says that you are a consuming fire that will consume anything that contradicts your word in this school. Surround the school with your wall of fire. Be with every student, teacher and administrator. Help us to release all that we have no control over to you. Teach us how not to worry about school and the issues of life, for worry only steals our joy and peace. Grant us the desires of our hearts and show us how to glorify your name with everything that you give to us. In Jesus' name, we pray, Amen.

We pray that this school will be a place of safety and learning, a place of encouragement and excellence, a place that supports those that are vulnerable, that defends the weak and the fatherless and uphold those that are poor and oppressed, and cares for the afflicted and needy.

May this also be a place of adventure and great discovery, a place of learning and creativity, and place of mutual support and encouragement. May each pupil that attends our school develop a thirst for learning, a respect for each other and a deep love of the truth. Lord, there is nothing more important for our school than that You are kept in your rightful place, and we pray that in all things You may be magnified and glorified. This we ask in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ,


I pray Lord that You give me strength, adn wisdom to teach different subjects this coming semester. You know that im not confident enough with those subjects but i fully trust in You. Help me to accept the class schedule given to me. Its not convenient for me but i know that the best way to overcome this is ACCEPTANCE. I know you will not leave me. Stay me away from stress of my job by leaving everything in you because i trust You and im your daughter. I trust you God really trust in You. Thank you for your unfailing love. I love you.

LORD JESUS CHRIST . Please Bless me , my class mates and my professors .Please touch the heart of our professors that they might give us what we deserve that they might realizehow willing we are to pass. Bless them and us LORD JESUS. That we will all pass our subjects. LORD I know that our course is a bit difficult but I CLAIM VICTORY,Oh GOD , Upon YOUR POWER. That nothing is impossible to YOU , My LORD. Please have YOUR ways in us , and that YOUR WILL BE DONE in our Lives. Help us PASS in our Subjects LORD . For YOU are my LIVING HOPE. Amen.

Lord, please comfort learners who feel rejected by their peers or teachers. Give them people in
their lives who will love them unconditionally. (Isaiah 1:17). Lord, please encourage learners
who are struggling and show their teachers and parents how to help them. (1 Thessalonians
5:14). Father, we ask for more Mathematics and Science teachers able to convey difficult concepts
in simple ways to children.