Prayer For Office Work

My heavenly Father, let me thank you for the gift of life that you have given me,I know many people wished to see this day but for one reason or the other didn't manage to see it.

Lord of mercy, thank you for way that you created through Jesus, to always enjoy being your presence, As I step out to meet many people at my work place, I want to thank you for peace that you have filled in my heart. Let it flow through me and even to my boss and my colleagues.

Thank you Lord because you are merciful and always fulfill what you have promised in your word.

Bless me Lord as I go out and when I come in through the name of Jesus, I pray and believe. Amen.

Dear heavenly Father, what a joy to see another day of my life,I take this opportunity to say thank you for the mercies that you have renewed this morning, as start this day I want to call upon your heavenly angels to guide and protect me. I know you have marvelous things for my life during this day. Thank you God for hearing and answering my prayer in Jesus name I pray and believe. Amen

Lord, I give you this day and all that it holds. May I walk in your goodness, knowing that your gentle hand will guide me, and keep me.

Thank You for meeting with me today, and I pray that You reawake me tomorrow with Your exact sweet loving whisper. I can't wait to meet with You again. In Jesus' Name, I pray. Amen.

Dear Lord, I do not know who or what will cross my path on this day. But I know that You are my rock and my fortress. As always You are my Shield and my Strong Tower. This is my Prayer, please help me to attach myself to You today. Also, teach me how to stand strong in You and choose only Your way on this day. Help me walk in Your truth and not my feelings.

Lord help me embrace anything that comes my way as a chance to see You at work and as an opportunity to point others Your way. Father thank You for loving me and nothing can ever take that away from me! Amen

Almighty Father, thank You for the job of this day.
May we find joy in all its challenges and difficulty,
its pleasure and success,
and even in its failure and sorrow.
We would look always not into ourselves,
but behold the glory and the need of the world.
That we may have the will and the power to bring
the gift of gladness to other people;
that with them we stand to bear
the trials and heat of the day.
Also to offer to You the praise of work well done.

O Lord, my God,
Creator and Ruler of the universe,
it is Your Will that human beings accept the duty of work.
May the work I do bring growth in this life to me
and those I love and help to extend the Kingdom of Christ.
Give all persons work that draws them to You
and to each other in cheerful service.
I unite all my work with the Sacrifice of Jesus
in the Mass that it may be pleasing to You and give You
I beg Your Blessing upon all my efforts.
With Saint Joseph as my example and guide,
help me to do the work You have asked
and come to the reward You have prepared. Amen

Lord God, the only source of knowledge, who were pleased so to enlighten men's resourcefulness that they have succeeded in inventing new kinds of printing-presses; put Your blessing, we beg You, on these presses (this press). By Your gracious help may we learn from the books here produced only such wisdom that comes from You and leads to You; through Christ our Lord.

God, who love truth and justice, pour out Your blessing on this archive constructed to preserve the records of past events and legal documents from destruction by man or time. Let it safely withstand fire and every peril. And let all who come here for research be intent on truth and justice, and grow in their love of You; through Christ our Lord. Amen