Prayer For My Mom With Cancer

God please give my mother healing power so she may get through this hard hitting illness. God please
help my mother stay on this earth with her children, family
may God bless my mother

Lord Jesus, I declare in your name that cancer will not steal this life, there will be restoration and healing! I proclaim freedom from cancer cells, I pray against their multiplication and growth and from the transference of these cells to different areas of the body. I prophesy a new balance. I command the cells that have grown in the wrong place to diminish, to fade and to vanish into nothing.

Today I ask by faith that you would bring healing from this cancer to my mom. I place my trust in you. May this seed sow healing into every area where the tumour has emerged. May it grow into a strong work, redeeming and restoring with great strength and power. Amen.

Father God, we humbly pray for all those who are fighting cancer. Give them the hope and courage they need each day. Comfort them in their pain and bless them with healing. Strengthen their family, friends, and caregivers. In Jesus' name, Amen.

Father, with you nothing is impossible. You are God of all flesh; we love you and we are confident that no situation is too hard for you. We come to you on behalf of this dear one seeking healing from cancer. God, Jesus Christ has fully paid the price by the stripes He took; we therefore are asking that the devourer gets off from this child of yours in Jesus Mighty Name, Amen.

God of all creation, you who spoke a simple command and brought forth light from
the darkness, I ask you now to send forth your miracle-working power to heal mom . You cleansed the lepers, opened the eyes of the blind and by speaking a simple command, you empowered the crippled to rise up and walk.
You sent forth your life-giving power to all those in need, including those you raised from
the dead. I ask you to send forth your healing power into mom's body and give him the strength to fight his illness. I ask this through my Lord, Jesus Christ, your Son, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever. Amen

Father bless all their doctors. Give them the wisdom, knowledge, and understanding to treat these illnesses. Be glorified through their lives. Use them as You will. Use them as an instrument of praise. Use them as an instrument of worship. Use them as a testament of Your goodness, grace, and mercy. Use them to impart hope and faith in others.

Dear God,

All I need is a miracle, my mum has cancer and her body seems to be losing the battle. But my trust is in you, only you can make her whole. We have spent so much on various treatments and even now the illness seems to want to consume more of my family's resources.

I don't want to give any more money to the devil through this illness. You said the devourer is rebuked for my sake as I pay my tithe but this illness has become a major devourer in my finances and my family.

I also know you are the only one who can give her new lungs and a new lease of life. So lord I pray, let your flawless word make her whole,for it is written by the stripes of Jesus she is healed.