Prayer For My Mom To Get Well

Lord, I just want to lift up [name of mother] to you. Please give her Your wisdom and guide her along her path as a [wife, mother, sister and friend]. I ask that You'd help her by providing strength, encouraging her and guiding her as she finds balance in her life. God, I truly value her and I pray that You'd help her be the mother and woman You'd like her to be. In Jesus' name I pray, amen.

Lord of Heaven,
I rest underneath your mighty wings of love.
I dwell within your gentle heart.
I know there is healing in your touch.
Through the sufferings of Christ I can ask for restoration
And trust in your goodness.
You are my Lord, my Saviour,
My healer and my friend.
I dwell within your gentle embrace.

Heavenly Father,

I lift up my mother to you and ask that you would wash over her physical body and restore her health.

Give her the strength she needs and help her to feel you near her.

Protect and keep her in the palm of your hand Father.

For I pray this in Christ's most high name Amen.

Lord, please hear this heartfelt prayer and touch this mother with your divine, healing hand, curing her every affliction, whether physical or spiritual. Penetrate the difficult and dark paths of this life with your radiant light, through this matter and always. Send holy angels to comfort and minister to this family, and also to guide the medical staff working with this mother, that they might best remedy her affliction swiftly and wholly. Lord, by your Spirit, you transform sterile bread into your flesh and blood. Please send your Spirit to transform this situation into a work of glory and love, permeating the lives of this family. Grant them many graces for faith, hope, love, joy, and courage, that they might walk for many years toward the eternal banquet of life, where someday, they, with all the angels and saints, dine with you forever at the heavenly table. Have mercy, Lord. Our Lady, angels, and saints, pray with us. Amen.

Come Holy Spirit, come and fill my mom with healing power. As they convalesce, entwine their days with rest, with hope, with gentle joy And restoration hour by hour. Come Holy Spirit, come and touch My mom with grace and love. As they find new strength, uplift each moment fresh with rising faith And bright new vision, from above. Come Holy Spirit, come and bless my mom with joy and health As they wait in prayer, hold them close and safe, Within your embrace and riches bright with kingdom wealth. Come Holy Spirit, Come! Amen.

May you see God's light on the path ahead / When the road you walk is dark. / May you always hear, / Even in your hour of sorrow, / The gentle singing of the lark. / When times are hard may hardness / Never turn your heart to stone, / May you always remember / when the shadows fall, you do not walk alone.

Almighty God and heavenly Father, we give thee humble thanks because thou hast been graciously pleased to deliver from his sickness thy servant N., in whose behalf we bless and praise thy Name. Grant, O gracious Father, that he, through thy help, may live in this world according to thy will, and also be partaker of everlasting glory in the life to come; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

O Lord,

Be beside mum, comfort her and hold her close.
May she know that she can rest and feel safe in your arms.
Bring your healing to her body,
Filling her with love and hope.
Touch her with miracle hands that restore and renew.
Watch over her thoughts and dreams by day and night.
May she dwell on happy memories and look forward to good times ahead.
May each day that passes bring little joys into her life.
Flowers, good wishes and a nice meal.
May these things bring happiness and peace.
Keep her safe until she is well.
And then may she live, love and enjoy life again to the full.