Prayer For Government Employees

Holy God, creator and sustainer, in Your infinite wisdom You have set us to be civil servants. This week we are burdened for the
multitude of civil servants who work to make living, sharing and working together, fruitful, fulfilling and joyful. We pray for those who
serve in positions of great responsibilities and those of lesser responsibilities, those who represent millions and those who serve hundreds,
those whose decision will affect generations still to be born and those who serve the immediate needs of today. Grant that every civil servant
may treat the rich and the poor, the young and the old, the educated and the uneducated with dignity and fairness. May we serve without
prejudice or partiality in times of prosperity or poverty, peace or war. O God, may every civil servant be a person of integrity, reliability and
commitment; one who serves out of a sincere compassion, never seeking personal gain, status or prestige. May we make every effort to make
our community, city, and nation, not only a better place to live, but a place known for its mercy, justice, righteousness and fairness. Give
each of usknowledge, insight, courage and strength. May weknow right from wrong, when to be flexible and when to be firm.
Heavenly Father, be merciful to our great land and to those who lead us in our communities, cities, and national
government. Give to each a sense of calling. May each put a high value on justice, righteousness, honesty and service. May all have a pure
heart and the peace and joy of knowing they have taken the high road. O God, no one said it would be easy and no one said it was going to
be this hard. But may the day come when we can say, Praise the Lord, we have come this far.
This we pray in the name of the Righteous of the righteous; the Purest of the pure, our Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.

Almighty and eternal God, I praise and thank You for calling me to serve Your people.

Give me your anointing and help me not to seek power nor position but rather make me a vessel of Your grace to touch the lives of Your people and seek to be worthy of Your love.

Lord, mold me to Your heart. Use me as a channel of Your compassion. Help me to be worthy of Your trust that I may be an instrument of peace and hope to everyone.

Give me courage to be an agent of change, to achieve Your dream of transformation.

Finally, we ask You to heal our land and restore faith and righteousness in our nation.

This I ask in the mighty name of Jesus.


Father,You are the Just Administrator. We pray for those who collect taxes and manage budgets to understand the value of their work before You. Show them that they are functioning as nothing less than Your servants, carrying out Your purposes for the wellbeing of every citizen. Keep them from abusing their power or exploiting their position for anything other than fairly collecting and managing taxes for the common good of all citizens. May they do their work well and as an act of service to You.

Father, thank you for every public servant involved in governing our cities, our states, and our country. Help them to see that they are Your servants first and foremost. And please empower us as citizens to give them the respect due their office whether or not we agree with their political positions.

Give our leaders grace to do justly, love mercy, and walk humbly before You in all integrity. May they defend the oppressed, protect the virtuous, and discipline wrongdoers. Please give them to wisdom to enact laws and regulations that foster an environment where every citizen can flourish spiritually, socially, and physically.

We pray that You would help our leaders to govern wisely. Draw those who do not know You to Jesus and those who know You to rest in Your power and purpose for their lives. Bring them emotional stability, mental clarity, and physical endurance to do their work. Regardless of their faith, please bestow upon them Your common grace and strength to effectively carry out their responsibilities to preserve peace and tranquility in the land so that Your people may flourish and the gospel may spread unhindered throughout the land.

Almighty and eternal God, I praise and thank you for calling me to serve your people.

Give me your anointing and help me not to seek power nor position but rather make me a vessel of your grace to touch the life of our people and to seek to be worthy of your love.

Lord, mould me to your heart. Use me as a channel of your compassion.

Help me to be worthy of your trust that I may be an instrument of peace and hope to everyone.

Give me courage to be an agent of change, to achieve our dream of transformation.

Finally, we ask you to heal our Municipality and to restore faith and righteousness in our people.

This I ask in the Mighty name of Jesus, Amen.

Heavenly Father,

We thank you, first of all, that you rule over all of the nations on earth. Every country, state, city, municipality and principality is ultimately under your control. We recognize, however, that you have given to us the concept of government in order to protect us and to look after the common good of a group of people. We thank you that in the United States, there is a system of government that, while still flawed, seeks to represent the will of the people of this nation and to work towards their common good. In the past two weeks, Lord, we have witnessed our government officials, particularly those in the legislative and executive branches, struggling to discern how to rightly respond to what seems to have become routine public mass shootings and acts of violence. We pray that those in authority would seek your will, first and foremost, even while listening with respect and compassion to the will of the people, especially our young people, many of whom have demonstrated great courage, passion, and poise in the face of these tragedies. We pray that you would provide them with Your infallible wisdom, so that they may act in accordance with what is best, not merely what is most politically expedient.

We pray that those in authority who have used their power and influence to malign and disparage our young people, or attempted to use them to further their own ambitions, would repent from these ways and instead regard the victims and their families with compassion, respect, and honor. We pray, Heavenly Father, that officials from differing perspectives and opposite sides of the aisle would come together in unity in order to create laws and to act, not only for those from whom they have received money, endorsements, or votes, but for all people under their jurisdiction and influence. We pray that this would be the case for all public officials, from our President, congress, and supreme courts, to our state governors, legislators, and federal and state judges, to our local mayors, city councils, and township offices.

Finally, Lord, we pray for your protection over our leaders. Protect their hearts and minds as well as their bodies, so that no evil may befall them as they do their work. Bless them as well, for they carry a heavy burden on behalf of this nation. Heal our nation, Lord, of the hatred and evil that we have allowed to permeate our society, and make us whole so that we may truthfully say that we are one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

We ask these things in the strong name of Jesus Christ, whom with you and the Holy Spirit, reign one God, now and forever, Amen!

Bring a spirit of unity to our Congress, but only with compromises that promote Your good, not godless laws or damaging agendas. Let wisdom and integrity reign in every leader's life. Keep their goals simple, birthing ideas or laws that will help keep our country safe, protect the weak, heal the broken, and encourage every person to his full potential. Protect them and their families, and surround them with Your angel protection. Give every leader a strong sense of their destiny, and remind them of their accountability not only to the ones they serve but always to You, Lord. Open their eyes to Your perspective for decision-making. May Your Word become the truth and guide for all decisions, and may they look to You for the last word. Raise up strong leaders in Congress, Lord, who will stay the course and work tirelessly to foster peace, fairness, and justice for all. In Jesus' name, Amen.