Prayer For Getting A Job

Heavenly father, I come before You seeking Your help in this time of desperate need.

Lord, You said to ask and it shall be given to me, seek and I will find, knock and doors shall be opened for me.

Lord, this day You know my needs, You know my struggles, You know the crisis I face each day and you are not a God of confusion but a God who hears and answers.

You are Jehovah Jireh, my provider and you will never let Your children go a day without bread. I plead for a breakthrough in my life and I trust in You because victory is mine, in Jesus name.

As I am about to apply for a job, I pray for your four favor upon these resumes.

I pray that you would cover and shield it under your blood so that whoever reads this will acknowledge it, and not only acknowledge it but I will be hired.

Through You Lord, these applications will be highly considered and favor will be mine.

Your blessing upon me this day so that wherever my applications go, it will not be rejected but will be acknowledged.

My resumes will not be void but I will get many opportunities for You are the God who gives.

I plead your light upon these resumes and I receive your blessings and believe it is already done. In no other name but in Jesus' name I pray, Amen!

O Lord, I place my humble needs at your feet. Please guide me as I begin my search for work. My funds are low, and I desperately need to find a job offer. Help me to find a position that I can do well and that is rewarding to me. Guide me as I start interviewing for new positions and help me to find the right words. Please help me to be grateful and humble for all that you have given me. I know that I am already blessed beyond measure, so I pray that I will never forget that fact.

Father, I lay before you my hopes for a new job opportunity. I give you all of my efforts and work that I have done so far. As I submit this application, I pray that you bless it and guide me toward the right job. May your truth and light bring wisdom to me and to the people who must decide whether to hire me or not. In you, I restore my spirit and find refuge. I will rest my heart in you as I wait for the result. Thank you for whatever happens. You are my provider, protector and friend, and I place all of my trust in you. Amen.

Heavenly Father, I come before You in Jesus' name.

Father God, thank You for hearing my prayer. Thank You that Your Word says Before you call, I will answer, and so You have answered me even before I finish this prayer. Thank You for knowing everything that concerns me, and for providing all my needs richly. I know I can depend on You, Father.

Father, I lift up my job situation to You. Lord, I ask right now in Jesus' name that You would make a way for me to have a new job, a better job. Show me which steps to take.

Lord, if I am to change careers, then please show me what career to pursue. If I am to stay in the same career, give me peace about that. Either way, Lord, I ask right now that You would bring me into a job where the people are good to work with; where they are nice to me and others. Provide a job where I am paid well, where my work schedule would bless and not harm my family.

Father God, I ask in Jesus' name that You would highlight in my mind where I should apply for new jobs. Give me the motivation and inspiration I need to apply, and shine Your light of favor on me there. As I apply, give me the words to say and help me fill out the application perfectly.

Father, I ask also that You would give the interviews that You want me to havewith the right interviewers too. Make it so that, when I walk into the room to apply or interview, the people there would know that I am the one to hire. Be the answer of my tongue, and help me to speak the words during the interview and application process that You want me to speak.

Father, I ask You to provide a good salary, good retirement benefits, good medical and dental insurance, disability insurance, paid time off, paid vacations, and paid sick leave. Provide for the on-the-job training that I need. I ask also for Christian co-workers in the workplace; and for kind, compassionate, generous, and patient supervisors.

Father God, give me wisdom, strength and power. Reveal Yourself as the Glory and Lifter of my head. In the Name of Jesus I declare that the old things are past and the new things have come. Bring me out of the old place, and into this new place of abundance. Put me in the right job, and deliver me from the wrong jobs.

Thank You, Father. Thank You for hearing and answering my prayer, and that I have received everything I'm asking You for. I give You all the glory.

In Jesus' name, amen.

Loving Lord!You know the longings of my heart! Lord! I am so anxious to secure a job abroad! I seek Your help for, nothing is impossible to You.Father, You have said that You will give whatever I ask in Your name. Claiming Your promise I expect You to remove the obstacles and help me to get a job abroad. I humble myself before You and look up to You to receive this precious gift from Your hands. Lord! I promise to support Your work as much as possible through my earnings! Please have mercy upon me and lift up my head, Master. I admit that I am not worthy to ask this great blessing from You. Yet I believe in Your abounding love for me!I thank You Lord for opening a way for me! Continue to be with me and lead me! In Jesus name I pray.Amen.

"Dear St Jude

Please help me get the job that I am waiting to hear back from. I will always be grateful for this blessing and vow to work harder than ever to ensure that I achieve success in this position. I will work honestly with intregrity and with all my heart.


Please God, give me the job that I am waiting for, Lord. I will be great fun and will do my very best to fulfil my duties. I hope you answer my prayers Almighty. Thank you for providing a roof and food despite me not having a job for 6 months. Amen

Dear St.Jude, in your special help assist me to get the job i have been waiting for so that I can interact and get an opportunity to serve God more. You have been a patron of the jobless and I know you will intercede for me. May I keep faith and not look for other avenues like sexual favours and witchcraft to get a job like at times thoughts come. Help me our dear patron and anybody else in the same shoe.