Prayer For Getting Married Soon

By the blood of Jesus Christ, I come against every divination, every enchantment, every scheme of the wicked one against my marital destiny. May they all fail in the name of Jesus.

Lord Jesus, I pray at this very hour that may all evil covering over my life be removed by the blood of Jesus. May every veil covering my marital destiny be taken away in the name of Jesus.

Dear Lord, I pray that you frustrate every work of the enemy against my marital life and make their plans null and void in the name of Jesus.

Dear Lord, you have always been with me throughout my joys and sorrows, today I come to you asking you to bless our 4 year relationship in matrimony. I pray that together with my partner we rejoice in your compassion and love for us, I pray that we are positive in all that we do. Please Lord do this and make us your living testimony, shame all those that say am unlucky and laugh at my situation
May our marriage be built on you as our rock. Amen

Lord Jesus Christ. You said its not good for a man to live alone,then you sent him a helpmate. Lord I come to thee, give me my own helpmate, the true bone of mine and fresh of mine. May we recognize each other and get married this 2020. Bless the union. I want to thank you for the awaited miracle. Do this and forever be praise. Amen

Dear Lord, I have been engaged for 8 months, me and my husband to be we love each other and we are waiting on his family to come and meet my family for a traditional wedding to happen, but they have been postponing to give my family a date ever since. Please Lord, help me with this situation.

I dont know why the delay, please God intervene and untie the knot that might be the obstacle for us get married, and please defeat the devil that is standing on our way to get married.

I trust in you and i know that you are fighting for me always, in Jesus name please Lord, God please bless My engagement and the man i'm about to get married to and my two daughters, and please please bless my mother and my father Peter, may his soul rest in peace.

Lord I thank you for everything that you have done for me, Amen!

Dear God, We praise you for your love and faithfulness. We thank you for huge grace. We thank you that you give us the power to love well. Thank you for my spouse. Thank you for the gift of marriage. Thank you that you're for us; that you fight for us. Thank you that you are Redeemer, and you have good in store. We confess, some days, marriage gets tough, and we blow it again. We ask that you would make us more like you. Please fill our marriage and lives with truth and cover it with blessing. Lord, we pray for

Almighty Father, We pray for all those waiting and searching for life partners. You know the deep longings of their hearts and You know what is best for them in life. Lord, help them as they desire a good companion in life. If it is Your will, guide them Lord, to the partner You have chosen for them. Give them the wisdom and direct them in their pursuit to choose the right person. Everyone deserves a loving and God-fearing partner, for a happy life. We ask You to remove all obstacles in their way and perfect everything for them.