Prayer For Getting Back With Your Ex

Dear Lord,
I received a Restricted call last night. I feel in my heart it was my ex husband. He needs to realized he made the mistake and come home to me and remarry me. I tried everything with this man. We were together 21 years with two boys. He needs to stay away from women, alcohol and evil people. Open his heart, mind, body and soul.AMEN

Dear God, when I said my vows, I meant them for life. The divorce was forced upon me, I tried to get help, I begged to DO anything to make it work. He is living with someone else but in my heart, he will always be my husband. I can't move on.

I'm stuck on the ladder of my life - please have good to into his heart and realize his wrongs and remember our vows taken before God. I believe that vows are forever and I need Your Divine intervention. Please help me. If, for some reason, I am not meant to be with him which I find so difficult to believe as vows are forever, please help me move on with my life and find a life partner that I love and who loves me.

My heart has been breaking for so long. I truly need Your Divine Intervention. Thank You My Lord.

Almighty God, giver of life and love, comfort me in my new loneliness. Give me patience to wait until there is peace between us, and then help me find the right words to speak to the one I love. Amen.

O Lord, source of all wisdom and understanding, help us to work through our differences and be reunited as one. I am always thankful for Your love and guidance. Please Lord, hear my prayer.

Dear God, I need you so much right now. I pray that you bring me and my ex boyfriend Dominic back together. I love him so much that it literally kills me inside to imagine him with someone else. He's my best friend and my first. My heart is so broken, I feel as if I can barely breathe. My body hurts, I feel this hole in my soul as if something's missing. I've tried to move on but it hurts. I've been with him, stuck by him through everything and always stayed loyal. All I want is him, all I've ever wanted is him. God I pray that you protect him and lead him back to me. I pray that he misses me the way I miss him and that I'm on his mind too. I pray that he realizes that he made a mistake and that he does still love me. I pray that you lead any other girl away. I pray that he sees in me everything he once did and more and that he reaches out to me. I can't live without him and I don't want to. Amen

Dear God, I am still in love with my ex. If you are listening to me, you know the pain I am going through. You know the number of times I have cried and my current situation. I love him a lot. I lost him due to my short temper and my big ego, and he also behaved badly in the end. But somewhere deep down even you know how much he means to me. Please give me ONE chance and I will keep my ego aside and love him even more.

I will be nice to him and respect him for the many good qualities he possesses. May he love me truly this time and not just be infatuated or something. I really want him back in my life. My condition is so bad that I can do nothing but pray for the recovery of my situation. I want my sweetheart back.

Please God, give me just ONE LAST CHANCE and I will prove to you that I can change myself for the better.

Oh saint Elena of the cross, do not forget me, my saint, powerful in love, I come to you to tell you, ask you and beg you, because you should know that (name of the person) left the house because of another woman, bring it to me again.
Saint Elena, let me think of the damage that caused me to go with another woman, I think it is a whim, who has it out of desire, I love him from my heart, let him come back soon, pull him to me, never Forget me, whatever I do, never stop thinking about me.
Saint Elena of the cross, the love I feel for that man is very great, I gave him my childhood, the best years of my life, I am the mother of his children, the pain and sorrow I have is very great , he just goes away to illuminate when I arrive as a meek lamb and ask for my love.

Saint Helena, my dear Queen, you have undergone a trial in which you suffered with three nails, three nails that you brought, one for your son Constantine, another you brought him out of the waters of the sea, for health and offer protection to the navigators, now that you ask me that this third party give it to me to nail it in the heart and mind of (the person you want) so that he has no peace in his heart.
I give you my body and soul, (name of the person) Come to me without anything that separates us, without barriers, that you want me in body, in soul, that I will return humiliated, that I will fall at my feet, that I will ask for an opportunity to be with me, Saint Elena helps me.
Saint Elena, may your light be the one who leads me into this terrible darkness that I feel, so that every day you are the one who accompanies me, who falls in love like the first time he saw me, I confess you Saint Elena This love, like a dog.
With this powerful prayer I must get the love of that person, love me, come back to me, mighty saint, I ask you to see the image of your love in us, place this love for me again in our way.
Now, dear Christmas, I promise that if I bring it to my side, I will stop (something you really like) for a week, so you can see that the love I feel is stronger, that vice, trusted your best Santa Elena, you truly trusted and with my heart, you trusted queen of love, trusted your darling, trusted in our love.