Prayer For Gathering Of Friends

Dear Father, it is man who killed the author of life, but it is You who raised Him from the dead! For that Lord we thank You! We thank You for Your resurrection power. You are the Ever-living One who conquered death and took the keys of Hades. It is because of You that we may be saved and have everlasting life. So, we give honor to You Father, because, it is You who lives and was dead and behold You are alive forevermore; We praise You Lord, Amen.

Dear Lord, the old within us has gone and the new is here! Thank You for rescuing us from the dominion of darkness and bringing us into Your kingdom through Your Son who offers redemption and forgiveness of sins. We celebrate not only the victory over death on behalf of Your son, but also the chance of everlasting life that we all now have; we thank You Father, Amen.

Dear Lord, in the same way that You died to sin once and for all and rose, we too can count ourselves dead to sin but alive in You. In this Easter period, we reflect on the fact that, You Lord took Your last breath so that You could resurrect, to ensure that death no longer had mastery over You. We thank You that the death Christ died, He died to sin once for all, but the life He lives, He lives to God. We bless You that this freedom from death and sin has been shared with us, Amen.

Dear Lord, we thank You for sending Your Son so that He could be the resurrection and the life. It is through Him and our faith in Him that we can live with the promise of everlasting life. We bless you, knowing that if we live and believe in You, we shall never die. Father, we do not take this for granted, instead we choose to celebrate the resurrection and life during this Easter period. Father we thank You, Amen.

Dear Father, Easter is a time for us to appreciate the moment that the stone was rolled away from the tomb and the body of the Lord Jesus was not found. Lord, we celebrate the moment that You overcame death so that we could be free from sin through Your divine grace. Lord thank You for Your death, life and Your resurrection power, we love You Lord, Amen.

Father in Heaven,
We praise You for giving us Your Son
To be our Saviour and Lord.
Bless us all as we gather here today, (tonight)
And let us live happily in Your love.

Hear our prayer, loving Father,
For we ask this in Jesus' Name.


God - we gather in your presence.
Father - we long for more of you.
Jesus - we place you at the centre.
Holy Spirit - come and fill our time together.
Help us to be fully present here,
to your word, to one another,
and to the world you love.

Father, praise You for the gift of unity that the Spirit creates in our relationships! You place others perfectly in our lives, and inspire us as Christians to work together with the gifts that we have been blessed with. When we look at this meeting through Your eyes, we see Your gifts fostered in us to further Your plans.

Forgive us, Father, for the control and the credit that we grasp for in these meetings while planning and accomplishing projects together. We confess that honoring You through our work is not always at the forefront of our minds as we strive for end goals. In the spaces of our hearts that harbor envy and ambition, we prayerfully ask You to make room for humility and shared credit.

The church doesn't stand on any one person's' shoulders. Not one of us can further Your plans on our own. But together, we can complement each other's strengths and cancel out our weaknesses. As a team, a unified body focused on the gospel of Christ, we can do great things in Your honor as we were purposed to do.

Thank You for the ideas that You spoke life into here today, and for the courage of each voice that stood to be heard. In each one of us lies a puzzle piece. One by one, as we stand and speak and work, we see our individual pieces moving into place. We continue to strive for Your will, piece by piece, until You call us home.

Bless all of us in this meeting today. Each of us have a life outside of these walls. There are very real hurts that some are coping with, and needs of others that we ache to help with and meet. Take that stirring of love that we feel for each other and guide our steps to be faithful friends and extensions of Your love to those that You have seated beside pf and across from us today. As we bow our heads and lift up our plans to You, we pray that You bless our hearts and minds to know we have done well in Your eyes. We pray for your assurance that we are operating within Your will.

Lord, we believe that You will provide for us. We look forward to the ways that You will surprise and amaze us with Your faithfulness. The lives that You will touch and the people in this room You will use to brighten dark spaces and lift sad hearts. Our passion for discussion today is fueled by You, our Father, who with the same note of passion created us to be light to the world color to dullness life to dead places and love to lost faces. Bless our work and our time. Guide our steps and our progress. Grant us the power of Your Holy Spirit to work together because it's impossible to see past our human stubbornness without You.

Bless us Lord, as we leave here today, to take Your passion with us. Fan its flame after we part and inspire our best contributions. Remind us always of Your love, as we see our plans unfold and accomplish the goals we set here today.

Through the power of the Holy Spirit that dwells in us through our belief in Jesus, our Lord and Savior, inspire our hearts to seek You in Your Word daily. Grow us both individually and together, as we seek the peace of Your presence. Help us to walk faithfully and fiercely after Christ, reflecting His love. May we always lift our progress up to You, who holds the honor and glory for who we are and what we do. Use our lives, Lord, to reach those who desperately need to know You love them. In Jesus' Name, Amen.