Prayer For Generational Blessings

"Dear Father, I thank You and praise Your Holy Name for the blessings of _______________ (list them all) that have been passed down to me through my family. I thank You for the faithfulness of those in my ancestry who were godly, and I thank You that in any family, we not only have inherited sins for which we should seek forgiveness, but we always have some inherited blessings for which we can praise You. Thank You, Lord. Amen."

Heavenly Father, I come before You, in the blessed name of Jesus and in the power of the Holy Spirit. I thank You for sending Jesus by whose holy blood and precious sacrifice I and my loved ones can be set free from the brokenness, woundedness, sinful attitudes and negative patterns of my (our) ancestry. I thank You, Father, that You have called me to be free from all bondage in the name of Jesus, and I praise You that, in Christ, I shall be set free.

And now, Lord Jesus, gently reveal to me in the power of the Holy Spirit those ways in which I may be living out inherited sin patterns. All of these sin patterns, known and unknown to me, in my life and in the lives of my ancestors (in my spouse's life, in his/ her ancestors, and in our offspring) I acknowledge them all before You, Father. I confess to You the evil inclinations, compulsions and bad habits that have influenced us. I ask You to forgive me and all of my ancestors (my spouse and his/her ancestors and our offspring) for all these sins. In the name of Jesus and by His holy blood, set us free in You forever, Holy Father. Empty our souls of sin, and fill them with the holiness of Jesus.

I claim the Lord Jesus Christ as my true inheritance, and I thank You, Father, for the most wonderful gift of Your Holy Son. I bless You, Jesus, that You have come to show me my true roots, which are within the very heart of God the Father. I praise You, Holy Trinity. Those whom the Son sets free are free indeed. Alleluia! Amen.

Jesus, I pray that you would also come once again and cleanse us. That you'd just wash away all of our shame, all of our guilt, all of our fear, all of our self-righteousness. That you would just make us clean and you'd help us to believe it, as well.

So Jesus, we do come to you right now. We're all at different stages in our relationship with you. But I pray that, as we remember your broken body, you really would come and fill us. That you would shape us and form us to be more like you. Thank you for your broken body.

Others have grown children. Sometimes it looks like they are making choices that pull them away from God's blessings. Can't we stand between them and the destruction that the devil wants for them?

The prophet Ezekiel talks about a time when God's people ran after sin instead of God. God didn't want to punish them but, I looked for someone among them who would build up the wall and stand before me in the gap on behalf of the land so I would not have to destroy it, but I found no one. (Ezekiel 22:30)

I think parents have a special place in the spiritual history of their kids and grandkids. Are you standing against the enemy in prayer and faith? Are you grabbing hold of God's promise of blessing for them?

So, I was praying the other morning and I felt the Lord inspired me to pray, God, I want you to bless my family for a thousand generations! My kids, my grandkids, their kids, on and on into the future. Make our family a blessing. If the world is still standing a thousand years from now let my family be blessed and blessing others in Jesus' name.

My grandmother Deloney told me that her grandfather, Solomon Moses Honnell, was a believer in the Lord Jesus. He was born around 1840. I don't know if the believing line started with him, though I suspect with a name like Solomon Moses, his parents might have also been believers.

You can't exactly pass down faith from father to son. Each individual has to decide for or against Jesus himself. But, God's promise is powerful and I think that believing parents have a powerful influence for the Gospelwith the child and before the throne of God in prayer.

Those of you with little ones still at home can proclaim God's blessings over them. Lord, you said a thousand generation of blessings. I ask for a thousand generations of blessings in Jesus.

To 1000 generation the righteous family is blessed because of Covenant with God flowing repeatedly in Christ Jesus Name says Deuteronomy 7:9;5:10; Exodus20:6. God's love is devoted to family thousand generations because they love and keep God's law and commandments. God's Word means its perpetual generations mentioned in Genesis 9:12 as God said the rainbow token sign of the covenant made between God, Noah and people is for the perpetual generations in the Ark after the flood. Almighty God makes covenants with mankind so their future generations are blessed. God's covenant establishes unlimited benefit to families for past good deeds or sins repented of. God lavishes HIS affection, kind Favour on 1000 generations beyond to infinity to bless families. The righteous in each generation adds to the previous blessing multiplies to next generations. Youngest birth of guiness record book is 5years so the family receives blessing deserved as the rollover inherited in Psalm 37:23-40. God's Generational Blessing in Bible is Direct Covenant with Abraham to ALL NATIONS on earth says Genesis 12:2-32. Psalm 112:2 generation blessings affects descendants so mighty in their land because generations of the upright are blessed so is seed mighty on earth. There are 79 Bible verses about a generational blessing transcending the family to future descendants. God told King David, his throne will last forever, Jesus will Reign on it from Israel. God's Covenant never dies because His word is eternal. After Joseph died his brothers and all that generation gathered to their fathers and took their bones to Canaan. Thank God for Generational Blessing is as Word of Hope and Inspiration to the families to stand in agreement with God reminding them of the Goodness of God. Families reap rewards of a generational blessing of the righteous ancestors who obeyed and followed God. Every parent should Ask God to Fulfill HIS PROMISE so their children will be mighty in their land. The generation of the upright will be blessed because in Isaiah 44:3-5 God pours water on the thirsty to satisfy and quench thirst for the Living water Jesus flows from their belly. In Psalms 145:4, one generation will praise God's works to another to declare HIS MIGHTY acts. In Psalms 100:5 the LORD's Blessing is a Covenant with condition attached. God is merciful and gracious so forgives sins of the righteous who repent so humble themselves before God. And Activating Generational Blessings means coming into God's PRESENCE through BLOOD of Jesus in Jesus Name. God promises that generational blessing will last beyond a thousand generations. God rewards all who LOVE HIM and descendants to a thousand generation. God forgives and overlooks sins repented of by sinner or by intercession of others on their behalf for God's Mercy in Jesus Name.

The father's sinful lifestyle copied by his children who practice the sinful lifestyle automatically follows in footsteps of the examples modelled by their fathers who don't know any better. The warnings of Exodus 20:5 is children not to repeat sin of the fathers. Why put next generations through exact pain suffered by father's persistent pattern of ungodly behaviour leading to rebellious children? God only punishes sin to the third and the fourth generation to stop the next generations committing same sins of ancestors. The trend in Church blames sin or problems as generational curses inherited. God's warning to visit iniquity on generations is a consequence of sins of idolatry. The living history in Judges contain records of God's divine punishment meted out to those who hate God. The generations who repent are blessed by God. When a nation turns from idols to serve LIVING God a curse is broken, God saves them in Judges 3:9, 15; 1 Samuel 12:10-11. God visits sins upon the third and the fourth generations of HIS stubborn enemies who hate God refusing to submit to HIM but in the next verse HE shows LOVE to thousand generations of those who love ME and keep MY commandments stated in Exodus 20:6. God's Grace lasts longer a thousand times more than HIS wrath. If worried about generational curse, the answer is salvation through Jesus Christ as Christian and new creation in Christ the Bible 2 Corinthians 5:17 says there is now no more condemnation for you in Christ Jesus. A child of God still needs a deliverance from an inherited initiation or under God's curse in Romans 8:1 by activating blessings through prayers to cancel all generational curses. Jesus told His disciples some demons require they fast and pray despite repentance of sins in question. Faith in Christ Jesus and the leading of a life consecrated to the Lord God is good to some enough if you do not come from satanic strongholds then inherited generational blessing already covers you in Romans 12:1-2. However, for those initiated into deep cults with human and animal blood sacrifices they need more than prayer of repentance to be set free in Jesus Name. Some cultures practice generational curses by insisting family member pay for sins of ancestors Trokosi, Osu or dedicated to idol for life because of sins of past generation made covenants. To stop fear and abuse those family shrines and their rivergod name unacceptable to God. Christian believer is given CHRISTian name to show under NEW Covenant of Jesus Christ. Forever Translated from kingdom of darkness to GOD'S KINGDOM OF GLORIOUS LIGHT IN JESUS NAME.