Prayer For Gentleness

Heavenly Father,

We come before you with gratitude for all that you are, for all that you have given us, for your mercy and grace towards us, for your presence and faithfulness. You created us to reflect your image, and in doing so, to bring you glory. We confess to you that we fail to do this. Every day, we fall short. In our words, our actions, and in our thoughts, we lift up ourselves and created things instead of you. Thank you for your unfailing patience with us. Thank you for your gentleness with our stubborn and rebellious hearts.

Once again, Jesus, we see in you what is most needed in our own lives and in the world. You tell us to learn from you for you are gentle and humble in heart. (Matthew 11:29)You modeled gentleness and humility while you lived here on earth. You have dealt gently with us in our sin and rebellion. Help us to learn from you and follow your example.

Gentleness is a soothing disposition and meekness from strength. We recognize that we need this, Jesus. So many people need a kind word, an act of compassion, a quiet voice of reason, a softly spoken encouragement, a tender touch. Help us, Jesus to be the peace makers. Help us to be mild mannered. Help us to be careful with our responses and interactions with others. Help us to be those who bring calm to the storms raging in this world.

In Galatians 5, you tell us that gentleness is a fruit produced by the Spirit at work in our hearts. Father, we ask that your Spirit would develop and grow gentleness within us. We know that we cannot bear fruit if we are not connected to you, so we cling to you, Jesus. We look to you, Jesus. By following closely in the steps of our Rabbi, we seek to emulate you. Show us when harshness and bitterness enter into our thoughts and help us to turn from them. Soften our hearts. Soften us so that we may reflect your gentleness and in doing so bring you glory.


Dear Heavenly Father,

We praise You for Your great and mighty power! As we see the greatness of Your hand in the heavens and earth that declare Your glory, we acknowledge that You alone are the Living God and You alone are worthy of all our praise! We thank you for the gentleness You have shown us through the sacrifice of Jesus. Though we didn't deserve such mercy and grace, yet You hung there for us on the cross, oh Jesus, taking our place, dying for our sins, that we may be made righteous through faith in You and Your finished work on the cross. Give us a humble heart, a teachable spirit, willing to be corrected, willing to take the lower seat, willing to surrender to Your ways and Your will. May we grow in the gentleness of Jesus, a divinely-balanced strength, through the power of Your Holy Spirit, that we may look, talk and think more like Jesus, day by day. For Your glory! In Jesus' name we pray, amen.

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Dear Lord,

I realize there are times that I am not very good at being gentle in my responses towards my husband. When I am impatient, in a rush, frustrated, or not feeling well, I tend to withhold gentleness. I am so sorry for doing this. Please help me to be better, a wife who is gentle, a wife who cares to have self-control in this area in Jesus' name AMEN!

Dear Heavenly Father,
I come to You in the soul-saving name of your Son Jesus Christ, thanking you for all that You are doing in and through my life. I thank You for my friends and my family, and I thank You for Your consistency and Your faithfulness. You are the great and Magnificent one; none compares to You. You are magnificent and holy; I have enduring admiration for you.

I lift up to You my co-workers, classmates, friends, and family, asking that You help them in the ways that You know that they need. Whether it be healing, encouragement, wisdom, faith, finances, or instruction; I pray that You show Yourself mighty in their lives today.

I have an expectation of You, that You are capable of things above and beyond our comprehension. I thank You because in Your Word you tell me that anything I ask in prayer believing I will receive, I thank you that You hear me and have already begun to work in their lives.

I pray that You continue to mold and shape my character, increasing my gentleness and my obedience, allowing me to represent you in a way that is fitting to the purposes you have for me. Let my words be filled with Your love, and let Your knowledge and wisdom pour out of me. Allow any answer that I give to be one that is comforting and free from any strife and grief.

Thank You that I can always seek for You and find You, and Your Word is still full of everything that I need to experience the growth and development to become a better me. You are marvelous and worthy of all the honor, all the glory, and all the praise forever and ever and ever, ~ Amen

Dear Lord,

Thank you for my wife. Thank you for the marriage we have. I pray that I would be a gentle husband. A man who cares for her needs and takes time to really listen to her when she communicates. I pray I would have a gentle heart toward her always and that my touches would be soft. I pray a blessing over our marriage. Makes us strong together. I also pray my wife would be gentle with me. I pray her words are respectful. Thank you for our relationship and especially the growth we have experienced as husband and wife.

In Jesus' name amen!

You want me to learn from you
Gentleness of heart.
No matter how I fail you,
Your gentleness never fails me.
You are slow to anger;
Your kindness is without limit.
You tell me not to be distressed,
To make your gentleness my own
So that my soul may find rest.
Give me the wisdom to make time in my day
For a gentle nursing of my soul.
Free me from arrogance,
From goals too sublime for me.
Still and quiet my soul
As a mother quiets the little ones on her lap.
Free me from the need for achievement.
Make my life less forceful, more gentle,
Centered in you alone.
Let the splendor of your presence
Light up my everydayness.
Make me a smooth channel for the outflow
Of your Divine Will in this world.

You are a gentle God, and you ask us to be gentle with each other.

Forgive us, Jesus, for we have forgotten who we are in light of you. Forgive us for treating the sins of others without compassion. Forgive us for endlessly putting ourselves forward, and setting others behind us. Spirit, teach us how to treat one another with gentleness. Help us to understand our equality before you, and therefore extend our hand to those who have fallen, helping them up rather than sitting in judgement over them.Sung Response: Lord have mercy, Christ have mercy, Lord have mercy on us. (x2)Your sin has been crucified with Christ Jesus, and you are forgiven. You are free to walk in the fullness of the life offered to you by the Spirit of God.Since we live by the Spirit, let us keep in step with the Spirit.

Dear Lord Jesus, the first thing this Scripture makes me think about is you, for no one more gentle than you. No one is as welcoming of sinners, as kind to the broken, or as understanding of the struggling as you.

You're like the perfect surgeonthe one I want working on me. You never get nervous, flustered, agitated, or hurried. You have a steady hand because of your steady heart, and I gladly surrender to both today, for I want to grow in gentleness.

Gentle me when I'm behind slow drivers who stay in the fast lane. Gentle me when I face both fair and unfair criticism. Gentle me when I think things that are obvious to me ought to be obvious to everybody else. Gentle me when loud people invade my spaceas though I have some inalienable right to an uninterrupted life.

Gentle me when I'm too tired to engage but my wife really needs me to listen. Gentle me when I lose a 200 lb. Halibut (happened yesterday). Gentle me when someone gets the last piece of chocolate cake I was already planning on enjoying with a glass of milk.

Gentle me when the vacation gets cut short by crises. Gentle me when friends keep making the same mistakes and foolish choices. Gentle me when the restaurant sends me home with the wrong takeout order. Gentle me when Satan starts condemning me for things I actually did, but things for which you already paid my debt.

Gentle me when I start debating theology rather than loving the people who see things differently. Gentle me when I can't fix the people you never gave me to fix. Gentle me when the care I just fixed needs fixing again.

Lord Jesus, you are so near to us in the gospel; in fact, you live in our hearts; and you're also near in terms of returning to finish making all things new. May your nearness generate a much quicker repentance on my part, when my first reaction might be agitation, frustration or whining or worry. Make me a gentle man by the gospel and for your glory. So very Amen I pray, in your kind and loving name.