Prayer For Food At Birthday Party

God our times are in your hand; Look with favour as we pray for the celebrant, as he/she begins another year. Grant that he/she may grow in wisdom and grace, and strengthen his/her trust in your goodness all the days of his/her life; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen..

Lord, you made a world full of goodness, filled with beauty, love and nourishment. Now as we talk and eat and pray, we praise you Lord for the life of the celebrant and ask that you fulfil all his/her heart desires. Amen.

Lord Jesus, as we eat, help us to remember your provision and goodness. May this meal be more than food to us and bless the celebrant with long life and prosperity. Amen.

Father, bless this food and grant that all who eat it may be strong in body and may the celebrant grow in your love, goodness and favour. Amen.

Father, we have gathered to share a meal in your honour. Thank you for putting us together as family and friends and thank you for this food. Bless the celebrant abundantly for going extra miles to make this happen. Amen.

Lord, we thank you for the gift of life you've given to us all, and especially the celebrant, please help him/her use this gift of life to your glory. Guide our mealtime conversations and steer our hearts to your purpose for our lives. Amen.

Father, we thank you so much that we can all be together now to celebrate this special day with (name). Thank you for this time of friendship, fun and food. Come be with us Lord as we share this wonderful birthday meal.


We are so grateful we have the chance to gather today to celebrate _______'s birthday. They have grown so much in the past year and have accomplished so many things. We ask that you continue to bless them, so that they may be used for your Glory. Lord, we also ask bless be upon those who are with us and those who could not make it. Lastly, we ask that you bless this wonderful meal. We thank you and praise you!

In Jesus' Name, Amen.