Prayer For Family Scriptures

God help us to speak life to each other this day. May we be kind to our family and use words to build each other up. May we have a listening hear and respond to each other with compassionate hearts.

Lord, we rejoice today because you are our hope. You will never fail us and as we build our trust in you, you will completely fill us with joy and peace.

God we thank you for the teachable moments. We pray as a family that we would seek wisdom and live a disciplined life. Guard our hearts from temptation and help us to live out your will and purposes for our lives.

Dear Heavenly Father, we pray in the good times and in the bad that our family would stand on your promises. We will not be shaken because you are always with us. Remind each member of our family today that you are always with us.

Lord we thank you for your faithfulness. Your love never ends and you are such a good, good Father. Thank you for your never ceasing mercies. We praise you for your love toward us.

Lord our hearts desire is to live in harmony and unity with each other. Bind your love to our hearts so we can live in perfect unity together. Teach us to care for our family members and forgive others for their mistakes.

Dear Heavenly Father we thank you for your unending love. We pray that you would help us to be kind to one another, showing each other the love you've so generously shared with us. In our family may we treat each other with compassion and offer forgiveness in all situations.

Lord we thank you for your protection and favor. As we sit in your presence and focus our hearts on you may you give us your perfect peace. May we trust that no matter what, you will guide us, protect us and be gracious toward us.