Prayer For Family Unity

God, we bow before you asking you to help us solve the division in our family. Restore unity among us. Give us the humility to treat everyone equally and to respect everyone's opinion. Let each one of us take responsibility for making peace with everyone to avoid grudges. Help us to refrain from gossiping; it fuels enmity within a family. Guard our thoughts against wishing for bad situations to happen to others. Let us always wish each other well. Amen.

Almighty God, we ask for unity in our family. We rely on you for your peace, which surpasses human understanding. Bring us together that we may stand for each other for better and for worse. Let your Holy Spirit minister to us on the Christian ways of living that promote peace and harmony among us. Let Him guide us in all we do, say, and think to bring glory to you. Shame the devil for targeting our family. Amen.

Powerful God, we come before you in obedience. Hear our prayers regarding the unity in our family. We are shattered. The enemy has succeeded in tearing us apart. Restore us, Lord. Help us work out our differences and bring back the happy and peaceful days we've had before. Have your way in our family, for your ways are perfect. Lead the way to reconciliation and bring us peace. You are our only source of hope. Amen.

Lord in heaven, we bow down before you seeking your solace in hard times like these. Our family has broken. It has no peace. It has no unity. We are strangers to each other. Let your love overflow in our lives that we may see the good in every family member. Let us appreciate everyone's efforts in trying to bring unity. Help us desire the harmony we had before, and work towards restoring it. Give us your strength and wisdom to achieve that. We rely on your grace, O God. Amen.

Father, please Let everybody feel loved and respected in the family. Let us be dedicated to the good of one another at all times. Dear Lord, let us not hold on to anger in our hearts for it will lead to resentment, bitterness and even hatred.
Teach us Father, how to solve our conflicts openly, honestly and promptly. Lord, please help us to be humble enough to admit our failures and to seek forgiveness, love and peace when we have done wrong to others. Dear Lord, please help each of us to find peace so as to maintain the unity of the family. In the Name of Jesus, Amen.

Oh God, help my family members be in peace and unity with one another. Please help each my family member embrace and practice the core values of our family for the well-being of us all. Let everybody feel loved and respected in family. Let us be committed to the good of one another all the time. Dear God, let us not nurture anger in our hearts for it to lead to resentment, bitterness and even hatred. Teach us how to resolve our conflicts openly, honestly and promptly. Please make us humbly enough to admit our faults and to seek forgiveness, love and prace when we have wronged others. Dear God, please help each of us to seek peace so as to maintain the unity of the family. In the name of Jesus, Amen.

Restore unity and peace, and may love, faith and hope invade the hearts of each of them.

Mend the broken relationships within each circle. Let love never run dry for one another and let all situations be resolved.

Allow all the lost ones who have been led astray by the world discover You again, Merciful Savior. Continue to bless us daily.

We declare that all families will unite and love will be restored from this day forward, in Jesus' mighty name, Amen!

Lord God, Heavenly Father, Jesus our Lord and Savior,

Please grant blessing over my family. We are in a state of crisis, yet we continue to act like everything is normal. We need you, Lord God, Heavenly Father to rescue us from our dispare. Please grant us peace in our home.

Help us to recognize the needs, respect the struggles, and support each other through this trying time. Help us to think before we judge. Help us to put ourselves in eachother's places. Help us to recognize the struggles that each of us face daily through our acts and thoughts of compassion and empathy. Help care for one another through your grace and love.

May we love one another as you love us. With your guidance and strength, I plead for you to help us replace negative thoughts, action and words by reframing and rephrasing them. May we appreciate and recognize the daily acts of love and kindness that we experience and express our love for each other without fear. Help us heal our wounds, both physical and emotional, through your guidance.

Please be our light during this dark period and guide our way as we grow and adapt to our changing lives. Help this experience bring us closer through your love and healing. Help us find our purpose and role during this new phase of our lives. Help us to appreciate every day and live a life of grace through you. Please free me and my family from the pain we are feeling.

My our blessing help spread your love throughout our community, and may that love travel infinitely through everyone whose lives we touch. I ask this on your name. Lord God, Heavenly Father.
And so it is done through your healing love and grace.

Thank you for giving being the light that shines through our darkest hours!
I feel your healing light spread throughout my body and know that you are healing my family and directing our path.
And do it is done. Amen.