Prayer For Divine Protection

Dear Father, I thank You that irrespective of age You still carry me and rescue me. Your Word reminds me that even to my old age and gray hairs, You are the one who sustains me. Lord, You have made me and therefore, You will carry me. So thank You for rescuing me in times of trouble, in Jesus Name we pray.

You Lord are a shield around me; You are my glory and the one who lifts my head high. I bless You Father, because You place a shield over me that can never be broken. So therefore, what shall we say in response to these things? If God is for me, who can stand against me. I declare safety and protection in Jesus name, Amen.

Dear Father, I refuse to trust in humans because Your Word says it's better to take refuge in the Lord and Your word can never lie. Therefore, I declare Proverbs 30:5 that, You are a shield to me because I take refuge in You. So cover me with Your protecting arms; provide safety for me, because there is no one else I can trust but You Amen.

Lord God, I pray for Your protection as I begin this day. You are my hiding place, and under Your wings I can always find refuge. Protect me from trouble wherever I go, and keep evil far from me. No matter where I am, I will look to You as my Protector, the One Who fights for me every day. Your love and faithfulness, along with Your goodness and mercy, surround me daily, so I will not fear whatever might come against me. My trust is in You, God, and I give thanks to You for Your love and protection. In Jesus' name, Amen.

O God,

Shepherd of all your people,
deliver us from all sins which assail us,
that so we may always be pleasing in your sight,
and safe under your shelter;

for Christ's sake. Amen.

Thank You, Father, for the divine protection that comes to me through my covenant of faith in Jesus Christ. You will never break Your covenant or go back on Your Word. Help me and my family abide in the secret place of the Most High, under the shadow of the Almighty. You are our Rock, our Fortress, our Shield, and our High Tower. In Jesus' name, I pray. Amen.

I thank You Father that according to Isaiah 54:17 that no weapon formed against (put name here) shall prosper because I am the righteousness of God. Your favor surrounds me like a shield. (Psa.5:12)

I declare that every attack that the devil has planned against me is diverted now in the name of Jesus. I use my words to agree with God's Words, and therefore I cannot be defeated and I cannot be terrorized.

Fear has nothing in me because perfect love casts out fear, according to 1John 4:18 and perfect love has been shed abroad in my heart by the Holy Spirit (Romans 5:5). Perfect Love is God Himself living in me, therefore fear cannot live in me because God lives in me. And if God lives in me and He does, then love lives in me, and fear and torment cannot live in me. They cannot even come near my dwelling place. Praise the Lord.

I will fear no evil because God is with me(Hebrews 13:5-6). God Himself said that He will not in any way fail me nor give me up, nor leave me without support

He said I will not, I will not in any degree leave you helpless or forsake, nor let you down (AMP version). The Lord is my Helper; and I will not be seized with alarm. I will not fear or dread or be terrified, what man can do to me (Psa. 27:1 118:6)

As the righteousness of God (2Cor. 5:21), I can speak the word of God and it comes to pass. I can declare and degree a thing and it shall come to pass. (Job 22:28). He is watching over His Word to perform it (Jere. 1; 12) and it will not return to Him void. (Isa. 55:11)

Every time I speak God's Word, the angels hear it and they hearken to the voice of His Word; they hasten to carry out that word and bring it to pass. (Psa.103:20). I cannot be defeated or destroyed; I condemn right now every tongue of fear trying to speak to me, every tongue of terror, every tongue of disaster, and tragedy. Nothing can defeat me, for if God before me, who can be against me.

Thank You Lord, that You have given me authority and Dominion over this earth and everything in this earth. I have authority over every serpent and scorpion and over all the power of the enemy and nothing shall by any means hurt or harm me or my family (Luke 10:19)(Psa. 115:16)

I believe what God's Word says and I will not be moved by what's going on around me.

Now I declare that God is on my side, Jesus is Lord, and every mountain of fear, terror and plots against me is removed right now in the name of Jesus. I declare today that Satan has no power over my life; that every weapon he has, has been defeated, that fear has been cast out, that love makes my faith work and therefore I cannot fail. God's Word cannot fail and that's what we are made of - His Word, Made in His Image, after His likeness, with the power of the Holy Spirit and the authority of His Words.

Therefore by the Blood of Jesus, I dwell in the secret place of the most High. I abide under the shadow of the Almighty. He has given His angels charge concerning me to guard me in all my ways. They will bear me up in their hands lest I dash my foot against a stone (Psa.91)Thank You Lord for all Your Blessings. In Jesus Name Amen.

Satan I command you to take your hands off me right now. I command you to cease and desist in any and all attempts to bring destruction or harm to me and my family. Father, I ask that You place a hedge of protection around my home now and around my body. In Jesus Name Amen.

Most High God, my life is in your hand, please be my defence. Protect me when I go out, protect me when I come in, protect me all the days of my life in the name of Jesus!