Prayer For Divorce

Dear Lord, when I entered into this marriage I promised to love my spouse. This is difficult and I need your help knowing how love my spouse the way that you do. Putting the needs of another person in front of my own is difficult. Please show me how to do that because I cannot do this in my own strength. Amen.

Dear Lord, I thank you for my spouse and for our relationship. I know that you value marriage relationships because it is a covenant with you. Knowledge and understanding come from you (Proverbs 2:6). You give wisdom to those who ask. I ask you to give me wisdom in how I handle the challenges of marriage and stop crisis in which we are. Give me wisdom in the way I speak to my spouse and how to understand his needs. I commit this relationship to you! Amen.

Dear God almighty creater of Heaven and Earth,

I come to you looking for strength, understanding and wisdom.

Hopefully you can help me with the out come of my divorce. that I will win what is fairly and under the law truly mine. You know now for 7 years I have lived with my husband, and he has manipulated me, hurt me physically emotionally and mentally, I have not been taken in to consideration on important decisions regarding our life as a couple and family.

He has cheated on me numerous times and has denied it. He has taken all my savings and had promised that we would have children, then decided that he would not get his vasectomy reversed after I had given him the money for the surgery up front.

He continued to take money from my savings account.

He refused to pay for child support for his children from a previous marriage, and because he was fired from his job, the money came from my portion of the tax refund. He cashed out his 401k plan, and the penalty came from my tax refund.

He has excessive credit card bills for gifts that he buys other women. I am away serving my country and he brings these other women to my bed.

He continues to yell at me when I try to work things out,and i have decided that I no longer can afford to have my soul tied to his. Antonio needs to move on with his life, without me in it.

I forgive him everything. I want nothing from him except what is rightfully my fair share. I want peace between us and I want this divorce to be amicable.

I thank you for the health and harmony in my family, the love we share, I give thanks for all of the blessings that you have bestowed upon me and all the world!!!

I need your armor of protection and your sword of victory!

I implore to you Great God please carry, sustain me and give my victory!

Your powerful name I pray!

Praise You for Your faithfulness. We are often unable to remain committed to the ideals of our hearts on this earth, but You are able to uphold justice and righteousness throughout time. Our minds change and shift, but you remain constant. What we fail to understand, You already know. The path we fear, You have already paved. In the scramble to rearrange our lives after divorce, You seepurpose for all of our pain clearly.

Rather than wait for us to emerge on the other side of this pain, we know that those who have surrendered hearts to Jesus are never alone. Whether we are in physical pain, enduring the torture of heartbreak, or living in the sorrowful mess we've created, You remain.

Thank You, Father, for the joys of our wedding day, and the hope that we held onto so dearly as time began to drift by. We gratefully look upon another day, but with the silent haunting wonder why marriage failed.

Time is rushing by and we are thankful, even for these broken minutes. You are capable of working miracles with fractured hours, and we praise You for assuring us that Your divine purpose for our lives has not been lost in what we see as a catastrophic end to all hope that our lives can be used for good.

God, You are good. Heaven sings of hope that springs from tragedy and loss. When we follow Jesus, we never suffer in vain. Hallelujah! There will be life again. Thank You, Jesus, for hope.

Forgive us for our part in this divorce. Where two people are joined together, their imperfections meet; for no one can boast perfection on this earth. Whether we own the mistake that sent our marriage tumbling off course, or have yet to understand why we've been abandoned, we ask Your forgiveness today. For the seen and invisible mistakes, the individual strongholds of sin, the battle for love that has been lost, we ask Your divine and all-knowing forgiveness.

Convict our hearts and change us from the inside out as a result of this divorce. Hear our confession, and forgive our disobedience in ending what You joined forever. Help us to forgive ourselves, for marriage is never a guarantee. Though some are ready to label our mistake, our tragedy, our misfortuneYou are not. Shame and guilt do not sprout from You. Help us to discern the voices of those reaching out to help us, and to hear Yours above all othersincluding our own.

Bless and heal our hearts, Father. Mold them and make them more like Jesus' everyday. Inspire us with Your Word, and reveal Your love and character to us like never before. Show us what to do with the shambles of broken marital promises. Teach us how that can be used for good. We can love someone specifically because of the pain we've endured and the mistakes we've made. Remove the focus of each day from our own grieving hearts, and help us take new steps each day to reach out to others coming alongside and up behind us out of similar situations. As we reach out, our hearts will heal.

God places people around us specifically, but we often miss them because we're watching for how they can help us, listening for advice and focused inward on our grief. When we start to listen to the stories that surround us, God remolds, heals, and restores us.

We are promised that this world will be painful. No one walks down the aisle on their wedding day with the prospect of divorce on the horizon. Yet, it has become a part of our broken world.

This side of heaven we will suffer from the consequence of our sin, but we may also suffer in very Job-like ways. He did nothing to deserve his immense suffering, yet his friends remained convinced otherwise. Divorce has a way of attracting opinions, when all we need is love. Test every piece of advice and consolation with God's Word. He is our Comforter and our Healer. Because of Jesus, our Savior, we are forgiven even when it's our fault. Help us, Father, to forgive ourselves, turn from our sin, and bear witness of Your love in our lives.

In Jesus' Name,

God, I invite You to help ______________ fear You and hold Your Word in high esteem so that _______ will be satisfied in life and this marriage. (Proverbs 19:23)

God, grant ______________ a Damascus Road like experience that will transform _______ focus to You and Your will. (Acts 9:1-19)

Father God, what can I say? My wife has walked out on me saying that she can't stand to be with me and that she no longer loves me. How can this be? I worked so hard to provide for everything that she wanted, but now that times are hard, she wants me out of her life forever, and has asked for a divorce.

Forgive me, Lord, for my part in this rift that has developed between my wife and me. Perhaps I put too much weight on providing for the comforts of life, without being the loving comforter she may have needed. Perhaps I looked too much outside the walls of my home for my own comforts too, and became too easily flattered by others who seem attracted to me.

Forgive me for letting my marriage fail to the point where we may be separated, and even divorced. But thank You Lord, for all You did for me at the cross of Calvary. I know that there is no sin that I have committed in thought, word or deed that was not dealt with by the cross, for we are told that the only sin that cannot be forgiven is unbelief in Jesus, and I trust in Jesus Christ as my Saviour.

Lord, I pray that our marriage will not end in divorce, but that by Your grace You would bring us back together again, to start afresh, with You at the helm of our home, rather than with me thinking I had to prove myself. Thank You, Jesus, for being there for me.


Loving Father, my heart is heavy as I am having to face a divorce I never wanted and feel not only alone, but such a failure in my marriage.
Lord, when we made our marriage vows to each other, I never contemplated the thought of separation, and certainly not divorce. Lord, I was sure that You had brought us together and now my whole life seems to be shattered, and we are more like strangers than husband and wife.
Help me Lord. Give me the strength and the courage to face this sadness in my life. Keep me Lord from bitterness, and may I face the proceedings with calm dignity and not acrimony or hostility. There is much pain in my heart, Lord. I pray that You will keep me from nursing any wounds and that I would emerge from this ordeal closer to You.
Thank You, that You have promised to be with me through all the storms of life. Lead me in the path that You have planned for me, I pray. In Jesus' name,