Prayer For Divorce Settlement

Sovereign Lord, please bring my children and I together. Weave our broken hearts into one, so we can heal, grow, and praise You as a faithful family, united in Christ. Assist us in the brokenness and help us rely on each other for tomorrow. May our family grow from this hardship. May light seep into this home. We ask this in Your glorious and faithful name, Amen.

God of Miracles, You see my brokenness. You see my children, and their innocent pain and confusion. Please mend the brokenness of this home and their hearts. Grant my children hope and radiance so that they see Your marvelous work in their own lives, and so their futures may be restored and beautiful. May they grow stronger through this pain, and through Your love. Please heal their hearts, my Lord. In Your name, Amen.

God of Light, Your love surrounds me. Even in the darkest moments, I feel Your devotion. Please renew my heart, so it is open to receive and give love. Help me love the way Your only Son, Jesus, did. May I love the people, blessings, and opportunities in my life. May I love my children so deeply that they feel whole. May I teach them the love of You. I ask this in Your glorious and good name, Amen.

Heavenly Father, my martial love on this earth has failed. But my love for You and my love for my children is as devoted, deep and unconditional as possible. Please give my children the opportunities to love. May they love without fear and without pain from the past. May they seek love with an eager and faithful heart. May their love be strong and unwavering, and may they always seek You above all. In Jesus' name, Amen.

Jesus, my Savior, I call to You in a time of despair and doubt. However, I know my feelings are temporary, for Your love is everlasting. Please renew this home. Renew our hearts to love and cleanse the ache that seeps from yesterday's pain. Please surround this home with good health and good blessings, so we feel restored in Your glory. May my children and I breathe new life and begin our glorious future with You by our sides. Amen.

God of Goodness, I need Your counsel. My heart is full of anger, sadness, and jealousy. Please restore me of these bitter feelings and help me forgive. I want to show love, just as You do, but my heart is wary of love. Please restore these doubtful feelings and remind me of Your breathtaking and constant blessings. Through forgiveness, I may be the Christ-follower, parent, and person I need to be. Amen.

Lord of Mercy and Love, tomorrow is uncertain. My heart longs for joy, but the pain is overwhelming. Please bring bliss tomorrow, something refreshing for the soul. Please bring smiles and fun to my children. Please bring hope and dreams for our family. Please bring comfort to our tired hearts. I pray desperately that my children heal through You and that they see Your wonderful presence and hope in every new day. In Your glorious name, I pray this fervently, Amen.

Jesus have Mercy on my Ex who is very angry for our divorce. I could not go on the way we were even for the sake of the children. He is very a suite and I did not want my children rowing up thinking it was normal especially my daughter. His plans is to drag this in court and thru the next year just to spite and hurt me, but in turn, he is hurting the children and he does not care. He has found someone else and moved on, I have forgiven him for all the hurt he has caused me and my family. Jesus have Mercy on him and help him to realize what he is doing is wrong. Let him soften his mind against me and come to a quick settlement, in your name, Amen